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  • Zander Trujillo
    Zander Trujillo15 小时 前

    Remember when I shot down viper after he did nothing but spam missiles. You can tell it’s his kid based on how annoying she is.

  • Not Kukishi
    Not Kukishi17 小时 前

    I just got this in my recommended. I love this trailer.

  • KickOffam
    KickOffam17 小时 前

    7:52 chills

  • ThatOneCringeKid YT
    ThatOneCringeKid YT18 小时 前

    Who’s here from s9

  • Andrae_akafalipe YT
    Andrae_akafalipe YT18 小时 前

    horizon sounds like valka from httyd

  • figerrific
    figerrific18 小时 前

    No server found

  • Lidiane Ehrenberg
    Lidiane Ehrenberg18 小时 前


  • Dry Soup
    Dry Soup19 小时 前

    "Can I speak to your manager?"

  • Afif Rahimi
    Afif Rahimi18 小时 前

    every karen ever

  • It’s Rowan
    It’s Rowan19 小时 前

    No weapons on the drop ship Bloodhound: rules are not for me

  • Koskov Horizon
    Koskov Horizon19 小时 前

    Watch as Jack Cooper's kid bodies her like he did to her father. It would be hilarious.

  • Valkyrie Apex
    Valkyrie Apex19 小时 前

    Dear ea when am I getting ramen I’m hungry for ramen I’m so hungry for it I want to build a ramen 🍜 shop with rampart just put ramen somewhere.

  • Наташа Трофимова
    Наташа Трофимова20 小时 前

    The puny garage analogously fence because equinox substantively analyse inside a ill-fated adjustment. dusty, sassy albatross

  • Shiba Inu
    Shiba Inu20 小时 前

    Only the OG’s know titan fall

  • Alliance
    Alliance20 小时 前

    me when I see how they changed the TF2 Blisk model: "look how they massacred my boy" good backstory for Valkyrie tho.

  • Andre Frazier
    Andre Frazier20 小时 前

    My entire experience of this game is consistently saving others. Which gets me killed. People use no tactics. I've won so many games by myself or with an actual team of demons. Everyone else plays like they want to have to die and restart.

  • ツroman
    ツroman21 小时 前

    Para cuando teclado raton ps4 porfi quere teclado raton ps4

  • Teyora_Lacisa
    Teyora_Lacisa21 小时 前

    0:03 Jack Cooper

  • samurai Lizard
    samurai Lizard21 小时 前

    I remember when I was a good pilot

  • It’s Rowan
    It’s Rowan21 小时 前

    Every thing you need to be a champion - skill not included

  • meme lord
    meme lord23 小时 前

    Lol JACKCOPPER from titanfall2 killed her dad.

  • Vince hartzell
    Vince hartzell23 小时 前

    wait thats vipers titan 3:11

  • sho gun
    sho gun23 小时 前

    imagine titanfall with vr

  • Vihaan Sutar
    Vihaan Sutar天 前

    That was an awesome accent

  • omgitsapiggy
    omgitsapiggy天 前

    0:21 Crypto's hacker logo!

  • UFO_Galax0
    UFO_Galax0天 前

    I just noticed that the v on vipers helmet also stands for Valkyrie

  • ChrxsV2
    ChrxsV2天 前

    2:33 ig

  • GalaxyFox
    GalaxyFox天 前

    Valkry:(pulls out guns) can I speak to your manager? Me: not to much different from Karen’s in real life XD

  • HeadHunter
    HeadHunter天 前

    6:21 they really just took pictures of tf2 titans and put them there

  • Not Posting Videos
    Not Posting Videos天 前

    I started this season

  • The Colonel
    The Colonel天 前

    Shout out to the people who thought this was a body double

  • Ansonridesfast
    Ansonridesfast天 前

    Ew that's a pulse blade helmet. Imagine running pulse blade.

  • 慎吾Shingo
    慎吾Shingo天 前

    good ol titanfall

  • Ray Gin
    Ray Gin天 前

    So shes basically phara

  • Bone Man
    Bone Man天 前

    Love the call backs to the og team from one of the first trailers and the caustic wraith fight from one of them

  • MR. Dramatic
    MR. Dramatic天 前

    And mirage is actually younger than crypto

  • Juan ipurre
    Juan ipurre天 前

    Gracias Respawn mataste a la leyenda, joder ese gas casi quita algo solo sirve para bloquear puertas XD

  • كوكب الأرض
    كوكب الأرض天 前

    She's become bad. They destroy her by dicrrasing the lift up speed.

  • pilkers2
    pilkers2天 前

    Turning a legend from overpowered to balanced isn’t making them bad

  • forsaken alexandra
    forsaken alexandra天 前

    Plss put lifeline shield back like In season 1 plss

  • forsaken alexandra
    forsaken alexandra天 前

    Please I begging you plss put lifeline shield back like In season 1 plss

  • Leah
    Leah天 前

    Who else thinks about this trailer every week? ✋

  • thatguywa1ker
    thatguywa1ker天 前

    this feels so......... personal now

  • Revmain69 96niamveR
    Revmain69 96niamveR天 前


  • Revmain69 96niamveR
    Revmain69 96niamveR天 前


  • David Solomon
    David Solomon天 前

    7:44 Rampart.

  • Aaron Espinosa
    Aaron Espinosa天 前

    Nice 5:21

  • Amy
    Amy天 前

    Oh the nostalgia

  • fgteevfan and trunoomfan and Zylbradfan
    fgteevfan and trunoomfan and Zylbradfan天 前

    I love this season and video and I like the part valkyrie shoot the missiles

  • fgteevfan and trunoomfan and Zylbradfan
    fgteevfan and trunoomfan and Zylbradfan天 前

    And I like zylbrad I hope I can play with him sometime and trunoom

  • 鮭鷲
    鮭鷲天 前


  • Andrew Gregarick
    Andrew Gregarick天 前

    Love the throwback to the original trios squad from the Season 1 trailer!! The Wraith, Mirage, and Pathfinder trio haha

  • Go1en 6od
    Go1en 6od天 前


  • Seven Thumbs
    Seven Thumbs天 前

    This season had me so hyped

  • Stanley Argueta
    Stanley Argueta天 前

    Shet play

  • Alim Uçar
    Alim Uçar天 前

    I'll Quit The Game. I'm Bored.

  • Alim Uçar
    Alim Uçar天 前

    Either Ban This Tufi Anymore, Or Apex Will Leave

  • reee reee
    reee reee天 前


  • Elisha Williams
    Elisha Williams天 前

    Apex bo bad but titanfall is good

  • Danio
    Danio天 前

    Worst BP ever

  • OctaneYT908
    OctaneYT908天 前


  • AKA獨裁人
    AKA獨裁人天 前

    Does any way to get octane’s fast fashion now?

  • Lorenzo Bonfanti
    Lorenzo Bonfanti天 前

    Ngl I think that the revenant lore is the best one in the game

  • OctaneYT908
    OctaneYT908天 前


  • Johnny Alvarado
    Johnny Alvarado天 前

    R.I.P Skull Town

  • Dr. Galactic
    Dr. Galactic天 前

    Mozambique here

  • King
    King天 前

    Pathfinder was holding back he just didn’t want to break everything and solo every character in non fiction and fiction🤷

  • Bigboyradar
    Bigboyradar天 前

    My favourite season

  • Incognito Friberg
    Incognito Friberg天 前

    All that hype for nothing. What a joke EA is.

  • Anakin SkyWalker
    Anakin SkyWalker天 前

    Put Spitfire In care pacage and get prowler back plsss i gate Spitfire It Is sooo over Powerd pls respwn

  • ZeroDeroRero
    ZeroDeroRero天 前

    Hey guys... She's classified as a *recon* legend

  • Stoner Super
    Stoner Super天 前

    6:27 meanwhile me sitting here played as cooper

  • Lilac
    Lilac天 前

    Whoever hired the people for the camera work and the commentators should be fired.

  • NIKOvbn
    NIKOvbn天 前

    Oh wow...

  • 최진혁
    최진혁天 前

    Can we have live fire mod in apex legends? It was good in tf2 pls respawn

  • Daia k
    Daia k天 前


  • L
    L天 前

    Isn't her execution here the Naruto Rendan used against Gaara?

  • El Jariuso
    El Jariuso天 前

    1:03 a Karen

  • luwis the boss
    luwis the boss天 前

    1:00 ok KAREN

  • Mr.Sk3llyBoneZ
    Mr.Sk3llyBoneZ天 前

    Press F for the Mirage Voyage

  • ふぁいぶ
    ふぁいぶ天 前



    Ash is alive