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Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PlayStation© 4, and Origin for PC: x.ea.com/56336

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  • trynebz
    trynebz4 小时 前

    This is me if i was being chased 0:39

  • Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng
    Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng6 小时 前


  • Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng
    Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng6 小时 前


  • Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng
    Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng6 小时 前


  • José Mendes
    José Mendes6 小时 前


  • José Mendes
    José Mendes6 小时 前


  • José Mendes
    José Mendes7 小时 前

    0:51 when Rampart Saids.

  • José Mendes
    José Mendes7 小时 前

    Octane Lie

  • José Mendes
    José Mendes7 小时 前


  • José Mendes
    José Mendes7 小时 前

    Bangalore Lifeline Fuse

  • José Mendes
    José Mendes7 小时 前


  • FlubbedGotHim
    FlubbedGotHim7 小时 前

    Hands down the best trailer so far!

  • FlubbedGotHim
    FlubbedGotHim7 小时 前

    Who’s here during season 8?

  • José Mendes
    José Mendes7 小时 前

    Sweet to Fear

  • José Mendes
    José Mendes8 小时 前


  • José Mendes
    José Mendes8 小时 前

    Dragons are fly.

  • José Mendes
    José Mendes8 小时 前

    Loba Andrade hope

  • José Mendes
    José Mendes8 小时 前

    Mirage 1:30

  • José Mendes
    José Mendes8 小时 前


  • Mr. Macedon
    Mr. Macedon8 小时 前

    Buff Loba!

  • José Mendes
    José Mendes8 小时 前


  • AriesD2
    AriesD29 小时 前

    Whoever has a lifeline skin from season one please play with me because I have season one that skin


    Get the dick gun aka the spitfire of the game

  • Boubsy Sennin
    Boubsy Sennin9 小时 前

    Cest l'anniversaire des no reg aussi ? Bande de devs de merde tirez vous les doigts cul

  • Abramion
    Abramion9 小时 前

    Hey developers i am bored to fight with players 300+ levels! Do something about it or add skill based matchmaking. I am 40 level!

  • Lone_ Wolf
    Lone_ Wolf9 小时 前

    And this was 2 years ago....

  • ッLegancy246
    ッLegancy2469 小时 前

    2:00 When u realise lobas dad would of landed on the elevator

  • Nextgenerationtv Dennie smit
    Nextgenerationtv Dennie smit9 小时 前

    Fix youre game ...... apex is trash trash trash 🗑 most laggy bugg game out there ... never spent youre mony on apex because the will fuck up youre acound .... I'm done with this game end developers not fixing the main problems .. the dont give a fuck

  • Xirius As
    Xirius As9 小时 前

    1:20 what is the name of this song?

  • Matija Božović
    Matija Božović10 小时 前


  • Senko
    Senko11 小时 前

    Man 2 years and they still get absolute bangers for their trailers

  • Handsome Lancer
    Handsome Lancer11 小时 前

    Fight Night has a Season 4 refrince LOL

  • Kradianmain TF
    Kradianmain TF12 小时 前

    0:49 love that detail with the ships name

  • samirnum1 YT
    samirnum1 YT12 小时 前

    Me: Apex we want movie Apex: "How about *Short Films*"

  • your mom
    your mom12 小时 前


  • War_Machine766
    War_Machine76612 小时 前

    I would die just for them to add solos , randoms just die then leave 5 teams for me to fight alone. In season 2 when they added solos i was a COMPLETE BOT with 7 lifetime wins so i never got a win but now i am a sweaty wraith main with a 3k and almost 3k kills on her with almost 250 lifetime wins so i think i can get solo wins now (please come back)

    BIGH3AD DMAN12 小时 前

    if you pause on wattson look up to the dragons you can see the same veins that octane has when he uses adrenalin on her left cheek 1:38

  • Ateef Rehan
    Ateef Rehan12 小时 前

    facttss brooooo,, noise

  • Skooter Miyomi
    Skooter Miyomi12 小时 前

    This needs to be a trailer or something.

  • chillflame
    chillflame12 小时 前

    My favorite is the robot.

  • GrimFoxy
    GrimFoxy13 小时 前

    This “meet the legends” was so loud the narrator had to yell

  • Rebecca Lutton
    Rebecca Lutton13 小时 前

    Awww at the end path did the little hop and clap like Watson! Soo cute!

  • Jake Obenhein
    Jake Obenhein13 小时 前

    Looking back on Season 6, this was definitely a filler season and the worst season Apex ever had. I'm glad they recovered from these mistakes and got back on schedule lore-wise.

    TEARS14 小时 前

    if only I had the reflexes of Bloodhound in this clip 2:12

  • a Kid With a Dream
    a Kid With a Dream14 小时 前

    "Apex legends" Very nostalgic.

  • DespacitoDaniel
    DespacitoDaniel14 小时 前

    Who knew our little pathfinder who we tought was just a funny grappling robot bot. Was actually important for the entire planet.

  • Alex YEs
    Alex YEs14 小时 前

    Ah yes my 500 ammo for my energy gun 0:25

  • Jacob Davidson
    Jacob Davidson14 小时 前

    Can we please get third person mode in apex again

  • ALc4 /_1nE
    ALc4 /_1nE15 小时 前


  • Blacklight Pruductions
    Blacklight Pruductions15 小时 前

    Nah yall talkin bout arthur respawn what about her father lol just wait for em to leave to sneak up and grab it ez

  • Jupiter
    Jupiter15 小时 前

    Bloodhound looks like a woman and sounds like it Doesn't surprise me

  • SSJ Chicken
    SSJ Chicken16 小时 前

    Who is that walking in the background?? 2:03

  • HNT
    HNT16 小时 前

    among us

  • YupThatsE
    YupThatsE16 小时 前

    Where the hell is the pathfinder in a trench coat skin?

  • Kaleb Nielsen
    Kaleb Nielsen16 小时 前


  • Kaleb Nielsen
    Kaleb Nielsen16 小时 前


  • Maple Man 69
    Maple Man 6916 小时 前

    This game has grown so much great job respawn great job indeed

  • SavagePenguin Reacts
    SavagePenguin Reacts16 小时 前

    Apex if your reading this love your game but can you add a heirloom refund system I got the wraith heirloom when it was the only one in the game but I don’t want it I want a different one

  • MRxSprinkles
    MRxSprinkles17 小时 前

    so any update for this infinite loading screen glitch

  • C W G 26
    C W G 2618 小时 前

    I fucking love pathfinder is quips are the best

  • Piasek
    Piasek18 小时 前

    Simp rick

  • angy w
    angy w18 小时 前

    mOzAmBiQuE hErE

  • Glaziola Nacht
    Glaziola Nacht18 小时 前

    Octane: *I am the fastest being ever!!* Deoxys Speed Form: *Hold my Double Helix*

  • Legendary King
    Legendary King19 小时 前

    fix the report player button.

  • Ice CreamSam
    Ice CreamSam20 小时 前

    Play this ad in reverse 😂😂

  • Duncan K
    Duncan K20 小时 前

    Yessss, more on my path boi!

  • Duncan K
    Duncan K20 小时 前

    Just as well done as the other ones, Great job!

  • Markus Siukola
    Markus Siukola20 小时 前

    Is noone going to mention that the guy with the hood literyally had a weapon that we have never seen

  • Ernest Lopez
    Ernest Lopez21 小时 前

    Apex Legends how about this a good there's a lot of new players who played a pack Legends how about we have double XP because it's be more easier and more fun for new player to level up faster please defaults

  • Mebrar Kersin
    Mebrar Kersin21 小时 前

    Oh good,Security! *5 secs later* Oh no,Security! Pathfinder2020

  • Li1 Boi
    Li1 Boi21 小时 前

    Plz bring back 3rd person mode!

    OMAR GT GUZMAN21 小时 前

    Ase 2 años

  • pepe the frog
    pepe the frog22 小时 前

    Fun fact pathfinder was saw revenant killed lobas family and was a weather reporter when titanfall 2 takes place

  • balkrishan singh
    balkrishan singh22 小时 前

    Fuse alpha 0.26

  • Skelly Elijah
    Skelly Elijah22 小时 前

    Yo call duty zombie actor in Apex legends that’s so cool

  • HeySoaR
    HeySoaR22 小时 前

    Season 8 vibes

    ŁØŘĐ ŘÁĞŇĄŘ23 小时 前

    A pedido não só meu mais sim de todos os jogadores Brasileiros, o game poderia receber uma dublagem em PTBR...

  • Droz
    Droz23 小时 前

    so nobody gonna talk about how fuse just committed a war crime at 0:27