Apex Devstream // Everything Season 6


In this month's Devstream join Respawn developers as they talk about all the exciting stuff coming in Season 6. Learn more about our new Legend, Rampart, weapon, map changes, crafting, and more!
Patch Notes:
00:00 - Intro
03:00 - Rampart
07:15 - Volt
08:41 - Map Update
11:15 - Crafting
15:46 - Armor
18:40 - Comics
20:42 - Battle pass
21:42 - Legend Meta
25:51 - Weapon Meta
29:21 - Recap


  • AnoAssassin
    AnoAssassin个月 前

    19:28 Little did we know that the change into comics would grind the story progression to a screeching crawl. We didn't know what we had with the text based format of S5..

  • RenderPi
    RenderPi3 个月 前

    Can I join you guys?

  • Karama Long
    Karama Long4 个月 前

    why is there not a campaign?

  • sudha bhatt

    sudha bhatt

    个月 前

    @Karama Long because it's a free game?

  • Karama Long

    Karama Long

    个月 前

    @sudha bhatt so why is there no campaign?

  • sudha bhatt

    sudha bhatt

    个月 前

    Because it's a free game??

  • Patrick McGovern
    Patrick McGovern5 个月 前

    Add solo

  • Jackson
    Jackson5 个月 前

    Rip r99 s6

  • Ten Francis
    Ten Francis6 个月 前

    Mark has such BDE 😍😍😍

  • Narrow Luv
    Narrow Luv6 个月 前


  • Jes Cong
    Jes Cong6 个月 前

    Please make that other team's caustic gas is a different color. Like how your team crypto's drone is green and others is orange

  • Damian Thomas
    Damian Thomas6 个月 前

    First of all, WHY JUST WHY DID U NERF WRAITH NARUTO RUN FOR NO REASON. Second of all, Why don't u fix ur server and apex itself because it's the reason some people hate the game so PLZ FIX APEX

  • sudha bhatt

    sudha bhatt

    6 个月 前

    Wraith's nerf was well justified. As for the servers I agree

  • Piyush Attri
    Piyush Attri6 个月 前

    Please fix invalid token error :/ or tell us how we can get past that

  • Charles Hollins
    Charles Hollins7 个月 前

    This game can really use more options for its in game report system. And I think an after match replay system would be great.

  • Giorgi Khmaladze
    Giorgi Khmaladze7 个月 前

    Please, fix connection/match making bugs

  • 小骏
    小骏7 个月 前

    👈Challenge the most disliked videos,If you are interested, you can check it out

  • Azriel Simorangkir
    Azriel Simorangkir7 个月 前

    i have an idea: how bout making a legend that better in close range(melee), so we can play really agressive. his?her passive is a buffed fist, 2x normal speed, the ability is bloodlust (reduce damage for 10 sec and takes 30% of the health taken from the enemy) and special is rampage(basically go super saeyan) just my ideas... i know nothing about the fairness so please don't quote me on this

  • Azriel Simorangkir

    Azriel Simorangkir

    7 个月 前

    that question mark is meant to be this symbol '/' but oh well

  • J.D.P
    J.D.P7 个月 前

    It's just becoming borderlands at this point.

  • Ricardo Cheing
    Ricardo Cheing7 个月 前

    Apex for mobile (ios) please!!!

  • Kenardo Adamson
    Kenardo Adamson7 个月 前

    Would love to see an alliance between people who are short a member on there team soloing is unfair plz

  • Max Ng
    Max Ng7 个月 前

    Here is the new update for season 6 new split !!! Patch note 1 block pathfinder vision after graple 2 sentinal become full auto 3 code net/leaf/shoe Wow that amazing update!! Thx Apex's dev!!

  • sudha bhatt

    sudha bhatt

    6 个月 前

    Your welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Lucky Ducky
    Lucky Ducky7 个月 前

    Make at least 100 player lobbies please everything else I love

  • sudha bhatt

    sudha bhatt

    6 个月 前

    Maps aren't built for it

  • Toxic Jay
    Toxic Jay7 个月 前

    Why give the switch community hope and just take it away

  • GoldenMaster
    GoldenMaster7 个月 前

    Do you guys have anything on switch release date?

  • Ty Cousins
    Ty Cousins7 个月 前

    Not being able to join console lobbies as a pc player means that the pc lobbies are going to be as dead as ever. just let everyone play with everyone

  • Ty Cousins
    Ty Cousins7 个月 前

    I’m an Australian player on PC, and I’m sick of having to play on overseas servers to get games, got back into apex knowing cross play was coming in the hope of playing ranked etc in Australian servers. Why not just replicate the cross play idea that call of duty implemented? Not going to continue to play if I have to do so on 200 ping

    MUCH WOW7 个月 前


  • FeS_UA
    FeS_UA7 个月 前

    I loved to play Wreith not because she was too POWERFUL. I played her because her tactical and ult were FUN. And now with her slow tactical animation it is not fun even near... Same with Loba's tactical. The ability is super awesome, but the way you realized this slow shit - sucks. You'd better create new heroes with COOL abilities instead of nerfing that good that left in the game... Played since day#1 and I hate what you're doing to characters. Don't nerf good legends, buff BAD legends!!!!

  • The amazing spider man fan 2014
    The amazing spider man fan 20147 个月 前

    Guys this game is shit right now,,, Please do what the fans want to save your game. Give us Solo's give us third person mode.. Make a new minu. Please do something!!!!!

  • sudha bhatt

    sudha bhatt

    6 个月 前

    Solos would ruin the game.

  • Gabe Tabor
    Gabe Tabor7 个月 前

    Uninstalled, you ruined it. Complete trash game now.

  • sudha bhatt

    sudha bhatt

    6 个月 前


  • Nightfury CR7
    Nightfury CR77 个月 前

    Amazing gameplay, I love to play with Octane.

  • Nightfury CR7
    Nightfury CR77 个月 前

    Apex Legends season 6 really rocks

  • APEX SHARKZ - 水 鮫
    APEX SHARKZ - 水 鮫7 个月 前

    Why does it take two years to get into a game in apex?

  • Brayan CajoGamer
    Brayan CajoGamer7 个月 前

    Falta una bueno optimizacion y seria buen juego

  • Shaikh Benazir
    Shaikh Benazir7 个月 前

    If you want more coins, gold, gems, diamons, etc. try Gamecrook.

  • Abhay Pratap
    Abhay Pratap7 个月 前

    Yo, It appears that GameCrook is the only functioning web app. I can't believe that there are so many fake web apps on CNboth.

  • Vy Ngo
    Vy Ngo7 个月 前

    GameCrook works, all other sites only pretends to work and do nothing.

  • Scrapped cutman
    Scrapped cutman7 个月 前

    Apex legends with will the game be on switch ?????

  • Marcelo Tiguila
    Marcelo Tiguila7 个月 前

    When will it be coming to the Nintendo switch??

  • Slide
    Slide7 个月 前

    Please add cross play and cross progression in the game it’s crazy on how if you spend loads of money you can’t transfer that to a different piece of hardware it’s not a different account

  • Letisha Huff
    Letisha Huff7 个月 前

    Go check out xavieplayz channel and use his code in the fortnite item shop to support him and his amazing work!

  • Spencer Cranmer
    Spencer Cranmer7 个月 前

    When is Cross Platform coming ??

  • Shorse
    Shorse7 个月 前

    I wonder when it’s specifically gonna be released on switch. ( I’m on switch)

  • manyfrostbite 1
    manyfrostbite 17 个月 前


  • Rwk Building
    Rwk Building7 个月 前

    Apex please can you try and bring the iron crown event skins in the store but more of the pathfinder and I know it wont be rare anymore

  • silasgermany
    silasgermany7 个月 前

    will season 7 be pk on the floor again ? PLSSS

  • Bradford Saunders

    Bradford Saunders

    7 个月 前

    It will

  • Lee Vallence
    Lee Vallence7 个月 前

    When are they going to tweek the server's,

  • PUBG NEWS أخبار ببجي
    PUBG NEWS أخبار ببجي7 个月 前

    my brother want me to dress like loba in his birthday 😂 it's better to have a professional coach than just watching , here some coaches pick one and start playing like a professional www.foorpaeh.com/2020/09/apex-legends-skills-i-will-coach-you-to.html

  • Matt gaming
    Matt gaming7 个月 前

    Tired of the constant rank resets. Makes it almost impossible to gain.

  • evitcA
    evitcA7 个月 前

    I really think that respawn should add the heirloom finisher like the wraith one from the first ever trailer

  • Aisosa Okaeben
    Aisosa Okaeben7 个月 前

    EA are you making a new battle royal anytime soon

  • ضيف القرني
    ضيف القرني7 个月 前

    please buff pathfinder 😢😢😢

  • bruhboi
    bruhboi7 个月 前

    hey Reaspawn if you ever need to buff wrath i have an idea that if wrath wants to "regain energy" she can take back the energy she makes from the portal and put is into her ult timer or ability timer

  • manyfrostbite 1
    manyfrostbite 17 个月 前


  • Trey The loser
    Trey The loser7 个月 前

    Caustic didnt even take that ammo

  • Ali Rostami
    Ali Rostami7 个月 前

    Whats wrong with apex machmaking it always put me in a pred and master loby even in ranks they dont let me to play a game

  • R Chiko Alceo
    R Chiko Alceo7 个月 前


  • Remitsu


    7 个月 前

    Why are you posting this here If you're a Fortnite kid u must have done this for a reason ...

  • The DeathRat
    The DeathRat7 个月 前

    Has this game died already?

  • onye ozo
    onye ozo7 个月 前

    hey guys, please geht the normal matchmaking full random again. i am playing with a friend who made a new account, we won 1 single game like 20 games in and now he has the most fucked up experience ever going against top 500 and stuff. he now plays against lvl 250 - 500 no matter what while beeing legit lvl 13. this is no fun. you are so worried about people not playing your game because of mechanics like bunnyhop healing that actually make it fun, while this stuff is a real decisionmaker for many people who wanna give this game a try but decide not to. please. wake. up. play your own game.

  • Raul Ayala
    Raul Ayala7 个月 前

    At this point I stop playing Apex, no new content like come on.

  • bracer 30
    bracer 307 个月 前

    Please are you guys going to create apex legends mobile on the next update like Halloween I've been playing since season 1 on ps4 now I don't have a console I was hoping next update there will be apex mobile I would love it please and thank you apex mobile.

  • Cameron Baker

    Cameron Baker

    7 个月 前

    bracer 30 sorry it actually might heres an article 9to5google.com/2020/06/23/apex-legends-android/

  • bracer 30

    bracer 30

    7 个月 前

    @Cameron Baker that is exactly what I want

  • Cameron Baker

    Cameron Baker

    7 个月 前

    The closest it will ever get to mobile is PS4 Remote Play. It’s never coming to mobile.

  • Boubsy Sennin
    Boubsy Sennin7 个月 前

    Votre crossplay va être une grosse daube comme le reste de ce que vous toucher. Arrêtez de vendre du rêve au gens. Vous êtes les pires devs de la planetes et votre jeu s'appellera bientôt.... poubelle legends

  • Boubsy Sennin
    Boubsy Sennin7 个月 前

    Les devs sont vraiment des incompétents. A chaque saison son bug de merde

  • Charles Hollins
    Charles Hollins7 个月 前

    So is PS4 ever gonna get an in-game report system for this game; or are you guys gonna keep ignoring the growing cheating problem? Plus, how about a replay system while you're at it? It makes no sense for a BR game not to have one. Especially when you (Respawn Entertainment) think it'd be a good idea to make crossplay a thing. Spellbreak, Hyper Scape, and even Fortnite are free to play games that either already have an in-game report system, a replay system or both. What's your excuse, Respawn Entertainment.

  • KyuKazu
    KyuKazu7 个月 前

    Pk and r99 please get them back. Put mastiff back in care package. or put volt in care package instead.

  • Joelson Rai
    Joelson Rai7 个月 前


  • M A
    M A7 个月 前

    Respond this guy have an awesome idea for you guys Watch the first minute and a half ok cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/mmpteaieoLua14o.html

  • Doctor Vaselin
    Doctor Vaselin7 个月 前

    When will the game be available for download on Steam?

  • Andy Blue
    Andy Blue7 个月 前

    Just a suggestion: Add squads to Apex. 4 players on a team.

  • Hannes Horn

    Hannes Horn

    7 个月 前

    That would be so chaotic tho... Sounds fun.

  • Tjneverlose
    Tjneverlose7 个月 前

    Where is the pathfinder buff

  • Its_just_ford
    Its_just_ford7 个月 前

    I know Halloween is too close for changing any skin plans but here are some I have seen or thought of: Mad scientist caustic, big bad wolf revenant, little red riding hood loba, Frankenstein gibby, jack o lantern path, plague doctor wraith, and a cool idea I thought of, heirlooms skins? You buy them with crafting metals and can match with the skin your wearing.

  • MBC
    MBC7 个月 前

    ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS: You're amazing and beautiful stay safe and have a wonderful rest of the day!!!! 💋 🍑 (LOOK AT MY NAME BTW)😇😘

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez7 个月 前

    This game sucks now omg what are you guys doing stop being stupid fix pathfinder put the pk and r99 back on the floor take the mastiff out you guys are dumb

  • Cameron Baker

    Cameron Baker

    7 个月 前

    You’re just bad because you relied on broken grapples and weapons.

  • MinisculEye 0
    MinisculEye 07 个月 前

    Best game with shit servers

  • Jaden Mccartney
    Jaden Mccartney7 个月 前

    Queue times are up way to long

  • Wyrith
    Wyrith7 个月 前

    Tooncarft has to get banners like in Titanfall 2 😍

  • Alexander hector
    Alexander hector7 个月 前

    Please give us the legendary hunt music pack or at least give it to the players that was on during the event

  • Andi Kastrati
    Andi Kastrati7 个月 前

    Oike leipää koska haluaisin toimii kuten voi

  • Andi Kastrati
    Andi Kastrati7 个月 前

    Opintie Ipeks tääetentee Nikki minullekin Tmi

  • Matheus Santana
    Matheus Santana7 个月 前

    Where wall run feature?

  • Ocean Newman
    Ocean Newman7 个月 前

    Don't know if Respawn will see this, but I just thought of this and I think it would be awesssome. So I main Lifeline, and what i was thinking was, make skins for D.O.C😱 for Halloween I'd love to see my D.O.C as a Jack-o-lantern🤣🤣🤣or something spooky

  • Keon Smithen
    Keon Smithen7 个月 前

    U guys just thinking about the money or what

  • Keon Smithen
    Keon Smithen7 个月 前

    Since day one Bangalore hasn't get any buff or nerf like wtf

  • Jayden Perry
    Jayden Perry7 个月 前

    I have a problem where I keep on lagging out of the game and die, can you fix that? I am so annoyed of it. It is so bad I can’t even play.

  • Merideth Sullivan
    Merideth Sullivan7 个月 前

    Hey we want only gabby mode or only Watson mode that is where You can only play one legend

  • Merideth Sullivan

    Merideth Sullivan

    7 个月 前

    Bradford Saunders I don’t like school so no

  • Bradford Saunders

    Bradford Saunders

    7 个月 前

    Learn how to spell, kid.


    Please make this legend jace Asher / ace passive selfless cant be killed while revieing teammates tactical upper take down knocks with uppercut for 12 seconds 90 second cooldown ultimate underdog rising when killing people this ultimate they die they don't get knocked this ultimate all teammates are revived instantly and he punches will do triple damage and speed is boosted for whole squad

  • Soupy Krish
    Soupy Krish7 个月 前

    Plz remove devotion

  • Cameron Baker

    Cameron Baker

    7 个月 前


  • Isaac Gutierrez
    Isaac Gutierrez7 个月 前

    After he killed one of the dummies it said emote HUUUUUHHH OuO OH NOOO

  • Diego Fons
    Diego Fons7 个月 前


  • Tohar Levi
    Tohar Levi7 个月 前

    Back to solo please please ❤️

  • Hea Ley
    Hea Ley7 个月 前


  • bad __canon
    bad __canon7 个月 前

    Gamecrook works for free points for free, other stuff doesn't. How does it work? I have no idea.

  • yasuha
    yasuha7 个月 前

    Pls add this finisher to the game cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/fG2OoZdnopqwl44.html

  • HO_O1D
    HO_O1D7 个月 前

    I need heirloom shards 😭💔

  • Krithik Talasila
    Krithik Talasila7 个月 前

    Apex pls I beg you in next update make peace keeper normal do not make it legendary or heirloom

  • Monster


    7 个月 前

    Ok thank you

  • Cameron Baker

    Cameron Baker

    7 个月 前

    I’m sure you relied on it too much. Get good with other weapons that aren’t broken.

  • Lithium
    Lithium7 个月 前

    Please make a titanfall 3. I know that this game makes you money but please please please make a titanfall 3.

  • XOFFMagicxX
    XOFFMagicxX7 个月 前

    I love apex so much we can all agree that apex is better than fornite right

  • LGS
    LGS7 个月 前

    So. Good saison 6! 👍👍👍

  • Kai Higgins
    Kai Higgins7 个月 前

    The speed boost on wrait does no good if it take too long to get into wraith form, hell I’ll even trade seeing people in the void which I thought was a great add to get that activation time back down to .4 the game is too fast pace and using her tactical makes her a sitting brick plus low profile makes he useless in this meta

  • Kai Higgins
    Kai Higgins7 个月 前

    Please revert wraith and path there tacitcals are not usable in this game right now

  • Crypto Jack
    Crypto Jack7 个月 前

    Dummy game mode is back and this time it's worse than the last time no audio.. I'm not gona purchase ur battlepass anymore..

  • Boubsy Sennin
    Boubsy Sennin7 个月 前

    Cest normal de redémarrer le jeu toute les 5 games à cause de vos serveurs pourris ?

  • eduardo pemberton
    eduardo pemberton7 个月 前