Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Northstar”


Valkyrie's been pulling smuggling jobs for years, but she didn't take this one for the money. Still, someone's got to pay...
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  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross4 小时 前

    All this and she still has no mech as an ultimate

  • Zenon
    Zenon4 小时 前

    4:11 in the middle of a litteral war

  • lol tubbie
    lol tubbie5 小时 前

    Viper got u in the pipe 5 by 5

  • Josef L.
    Josef L.7 小时 前

    everyone else feeling guilty for killing viper me, knowing that he signed up for that

  • Just sayin
    Just sayin8 小时 前

    *Cough* *Cough* Yeah! you killed her father!

  • Dark Jester
    Dark Jester8 小时 前

    original voice actor check..... original concept art and sound of North Star class Titan check.... u done it again apex

  • Sami Gibbons
    Sami Gibbons12 小时 前

    If these trailers don't end up showing Jack Cooper and BT, we riot

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles12 小时 前

    Really couldnt chose a better character to base it off of

  • Domek TV
    Domek TV12 小时 前

    cooper will be introduced

  • Erwin the Dodo
    Erwin the Dodo13 小时 前

    The fact that this shows Blisk as a person who actually cared and paid attention to his squad is nice

  • Axis Reed
    Axis Reed14 小时 前

    i can see rampart’s bubblegum

  • TheGamingScope Live
    TheGamingScope Live14 小时 前

    Vipers face looks very different from what I expected him to look like

  • Zander Trujillo
    Zander Trujillo16 小时 前

    Remember when I shot down viper after he did nothing but spam missiles. You can tell it’s his kid based on how annoying she is.

  • Dry Soup
    Dry Soup19 小时 前

    "Can I speak to your manager?"

  • Afif Rahimi

    Afif Rahimi

    19 小时 前

    every karen ever

  • Koskov Horizon
    Koskov Horizon20 小时 前

    Watch as Jack Cooper's kid bodies her like he did to her father. It would be hilarious.

  • Valkyrie Apex
    Valkyrie Apex20 小时 前

    Dear ea when am I getting ramen I’m hungry for ramen I’m so hungry for it I want to build a ramen 🍜 shop with rampart just put ramen somewhere.

  • Shiba Inu
    Shiba Inu21 小时 前

    Only the OG’s know titan fall

  • Alliance
    Alliance21 小时 前

    me when I see how they changed the TF2 Blisk model: "look how they massacred my boy" good backstory for Valkyrie tho.

  • samurai Lizard
    samurai Lizard22 小时 前

    I remember when I was a good pilot

  • meme lord
    meme lord23 小时 前

    Lol JACKCOPPER from titanfall2 killed her dad.

  • Vince hartzell
    Vince hartzell天 前

    wait thats vipers titan 3:11

  • sho gun
    sho gun天 前

    imagine titanfall with vr

  • UFO_Galax0
    UFO_Galax0天 前

    I just noticed that the v on vipers helmet also stands for Valkyrie

  • GalaxyFox
    GalaxyFox天 前

    Valkry:(pulls out guns) can I speak to your manager? Me: not to much different from Karen’s in real life XD

  • HeadHunter
    HeadHunter天 前

    6:21 they really just took pictures of tf2 titans and put them there

  • Ansonridesfast
    Ansonridesfast天 前

    Ew that's a pulse blade helmet. Imagine running pulse blade.

  • 慎吾Shingo
    慎吾Shingo天 前

    good ol titanfall

  • thatguywa1ker
    thatguywa1ker天 前

    this feels so......... personal now

  • David Solomon
    David Solomon天 前

    7:44 Rampart.

  • 鮭鷲
    鮭鷲天 前


  • Elisha Williams
    Elisha Williams天 前

    Apex bo bad but titanfall is good

  • Stoner Super
    Stoner Super天 前

    6:27 meanwhile me sitting here played as cooper

  • El Jariuso
    El Jariuso天 前

    1:03 a Karen

  • luwis the boss
    luwis the boss天 前

    1:00 ok KAREN

  • Trig
    Trig天 前


  • Jay A
    Jay A天 前

    Quad missiles please

  • Anon Prada
    Anon Prada天 前

    So when’s Titanfall 3 dropping?

  • aaron mciver
    aaron mciver天 前

    reminds me of playing titanfall2s campain does this mean I killed viper?

  • JNJ Gaming

    JNJ Gaming

    天 前


  • Animataro
    Animataro天 前

    You snooze, you lose.

  • This Guy
    This Guy天 前

    1:02 full on Karen mode

  • indefinity
    indefinity天 前

    Just shows the difference between pilots and legends. Viper just outright jumped and rodeoed his northstar midair.

  • YourAverageChip _
    YourAverageChip _天 前

    Oh my finally a face for my favorite villain

  • ning kigger999
    ning kigger999天 前

    "Viper's got you in the pipe, five by five"

  • Carter McCaughan
    Carter McCaughan天 前


  • Bell
    Bell天 前


  • Daily dose of Dumbness
    Daily dose of Dumbness天 前

    At this point they might as well make a Netflix original

  • The Flying Lemon
    The Flying Lemon天 前

    Valkyrie: You took everything from me! Blisk: I don’t even know who you are

  • Reyes Morales
    Reyes Morales天 前

    When they and jack cooper there's going to be some beef

  • A Random dude
    A Random dude天 前

    4:26 hmm this sounds familiar...

  • Lucas White
    Lucas White天 前

    valkarie is a karen?

    GILLYDAKID 12182 天 前

    If titanfall 3 exists, it would be amazing if you could fight all the legends from apex

  • Eddy Savel
    Eddy Savel2 天 前

    Song here? 7:40 So doooope!

  • Demoknight tf2
    Demoknight tf22 天 前

    The Karen of Apex ladies and gents

  • FastNavel
    FastNavel2 天 前

    Очередная чушь для неискушенных зрителей. Главное ведь, чтобы картинки перед глазами переключались, а остальное не важно. Логика идёт как говорится ..... Похоже ролик про Рэйф был опус магнум от респавнов.

  • Cole Farquhar
    Cole Farquhar2 天 前

    If BT and jack were still here I’d do the same to her and I did her dad

  • Dominick Domingo
    Dominick Domingo2 天 前

    Titanfall 2 viper boss death - CNboth smokeing on that viper pack


    vipers titan lives

  • Grizzlert
    Grizzlert2 天 前

    The only thing to get me to download Apex is Titanfall... but I also redownloaded that,

  • Kerosene Canister
    Kerosene Canister2 天 前

    Valkyrie: you killed my father! Jack Cooper: because he ripped off my best friend's arm off!

  • just a brick
    just a brick2 天 前

    viper pack strong asf rn 😈😈😈

  • Trexxclaws
    Trexxclaws2 天 前

    I can't believe Blisk found Viper's daughter!

  • Blue anims
    Blue anims2 天 前

    Ayo a karen in apex

  • Bennett ______
    Bennett ______2 天 前

    Animators: Hey should we remake vipers northstar so that it matches the stylized look of the rest of the animation? Respawn: Nah just use the old one we have lol

  • NCR Veteran Ranger
    NCR Veteran Ranger2 天 前

    1:03 *inner karen intensifies*

  • Calcium
    Calcium2 天 前

    You know, giving Viper a daughter won't stop me from killing him again, Respawn.

  • Dehydrated Jet
    Dehydrated Jet2 天 前

    Yo they just added northstar to apex

  • Nick Pick
    Nick Pick2 天 前

    What about the neural link

  • ÆKenzy soc
    ÆKenzy soc2 天 前


  • ÆKenzy soc
    ÆKenzy soc2 天 前


  • Horizon
    Horizon2 天 前


  • SwedishCinnabon
    SwedishCinnabon2 天 前

    I WANT A TITANFALL 3!!!!!!!

  • Elijah Barney
    Elijah Barney2 天 前

    Valkyrie: You took everything from me. Cooper: I don't even know who you are.

  • Umbra
    Umbra2 天 前

    Now I feel bad for killing Viper.

  • CJP 3O
    CJP 3O2 天 前

    "Can I speak to your manager" valkaren

  • Llama 125
    Llama 1252 天 前

    Swear Respawn just needs to make a titanfall 3 at this point. BR games are getting old.

  • Dawson Christensen
    Dawson Christensen2 天 前


  • shadowgamer544
    shadowgamer5442 天 前

    I feel like apex legends was only made to bring attention to titanfall.

  • louis powers
    louis powers2 天 前

    TF3 confirmed?

  • BlitzoAmber
    BlitzoAmber2 天 前

    0:01 That planet do be lookin’ kinda cracked doe.

  • Alex Rivera
    Alex Rivera2 天 前

    So the people who were shooting at her was the milita right

  • Dom M

    Dom M

    天 前

    Most likely yes, Northstar has the preds logo on her faceplate so it's right to assume the other faction fighting the preds, is the Militia

  • bonehead156
    bonehead1562 天 前


  • Senior Squidoo
    Senior Squidoo3 天 前

    Its so cool to see Vipers face and his daughter flying his uber Northstar.

  • Gerard garcia cabrera
    Gerard garcia cabrera3 天 前

    Now all the people who passed the titanfall 2 campaign is a father killer F

  • Hresvelgr


    2 天 前

    @Gerard garcia cabrera That’s a fair response

  • Gerard garcia cabrera

    Gerard garcia cabrera

    2 天 前

    Yes but I killed Viper like 5 times in all dificulties, I revenged BT I think, and thanks to viper you can destroy the Arca

  • Hresvelgr


    2 天 前

    He hurt BT, his life was forfeit

  • Wiatrov
    Wiatrov3 天 前

    Ima be honest with y'all ... I'm here for Titanfall

  • DRAK_dragon
    DRAK_dragon3 天 前

    bowl cut

  • stealth bee 127
    stealth bee 1273 天 前

    Titanfall 😍

  • Anakin
    Anakin3 天 前

    Is isn't northstar a gun in titanfall 2?

  • That Guy Anthony

    That Guy Anthony

    天 前

    Northstar is the titan, the weapon is its loadout.

  • PizaCrusT
    PizaCrusT3 天 前

    Day 183728 of getting respawn to. making of titanfall 3

  • TheDivider
    TheDivider3 天 前

    she wasted all of the best parts of a Titan

  • IcyKitsune
    IcyKitsune3 天 前

    "Let me speak to your manager"

  • Pijus Balciunas Year 5
    Pijus Balciunas Year 53 天 前

    Bro imagine having a real North Star like vipers, that would be sick

  • Prince Frostburn
    Prince Frostburn3 天 前

    Anyone else see BT's arm in the opening shot

  • Grady Ragan
    Grady Ragan3 天 前

    4:23 that sounds familiar

  • Windego Door
    Windego Door3 天 前

    "and he left worst part was not knowing why" I wonder why he left you shot people out of the air with a death machine

  • Cihan Karaca
    Cihan Karaca3 天 前

    Titanfall fans:Look, a viper junior. Kai: >:( Titanfall fans:Gonna cry?

  • Tomas Soejakto
    Tomas Soejakto3 天 前

    I think she looks better here than she does in the game. The face has personality and is easily recognizeable, like Loba or Lifeline.

  • Kburnside
    Kburnside3 天 前

    Viper was always my favorite character from Titanfall 2, I even ran a loadout based on him

  • Soggy Nuggie
    Soggy Nuggie3 天 前

    If apex is 20 years after Titanfall 2, how is viper not dead? Or is this animation a flashback of when he was alive-

  • Nathan Hill

    Nathan Hill

    3 天 前

    Yes the parts with viper are just a flashback, i thought that would be pretty obvious

  • Papahemmy
    Papahemmy3 天 前

    Great, now I feel bad...