Apex Legends Celebrating Two Years


What else can we say but thank you! The community support and love for our game over the past two years has been truly incredible. Apex Legends is nothing without you, our players. You are the true Legends.
Be sure to jump in to the Anniversary Event for free rewards, a special Collection Event featuring a few fan-favorite looks, and the return of Locked and Loaded as a playlist Takeover. As a thank you for dropping with us, we’re loading up the Reward Track with 22 earnable items, including two Event Packs and ten Apex Packs. Get all the Collection Event items to unlock an Heirloom of your choice!
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin and Steam. Apex Legends is also coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 9, 2021.
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  • Gamer Grey
    Gamer Grey2 天 前

    I safe him a vake

  • Gamer Grey
    Gamer Grey2 天 前

    Loba didn’t attack me

  • Gamer Grey
    Gamer Grey2 天 前

    What happend here two enemies in squad

  • Gamer Grey
    Gamer Grey2 天 前

    He pro

  • Gamer Grey
    Gamer Grey2 天 前

    A wraith

  • Gamer Grey
    Gamer Grey2 天 前

    I was a crypto

  • Gamer Grey
    Gamer Grey2 天 前

    Not stealthloon66

  • Gamer Grey
    Gamer Grey2 天 前

    Good news

  • Rumbling End
    Rumbling End2 天 前

    Make legend tokens easier to make and fix your errors i can't even log into apex

  • Karolina Kaczorowska
    Karolina Kaczorowska3 天 前


  • cheese is neat
    cheese is neat4 天 前

    So can we get a nessy onesie skin for Watson now

  • David Real
    David Real7 天 前

    Thats an scary fence

  • chea kimsea
    chea kimsea7 天 前

    I love the bloodhound fan made CGI.

  • WolfOfMen
    WolfOfMen8 天 前

    Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.

  • israel countryball
    israel countryball9 天 前

    Thats season 5 wastton

  • la cabra elegante
    la cabra elegante10 天 前

    Y makina

  • Grimin Around
    Grimin Around10 天 前


  • Cyan Is sus
    Cyan Is sus10 天 前

    As you can see we have a wild dinosaur in its natural habitat... These dinosaurs communicate their feelings by using Electric fences 1:25

  • Cyan Is sus

    Cyan Is sus

    9 天 前

    Yes sir

  • Jo's FortFilms

    Jo's FortFilms

    9 天 前

    It is a nessy

  • Gazzly Gaming
    Gazzly Gaming10 天 前

    Thank you for this game

  • giop
    giop11 天 前

    How did apex only exist for 2 years? what? It feels so much longer

  • Tay K 99

    Tay K 99

    9 天 前

    It definetly didnt last 2 years wat

  • Morgan
    Morgan12 天 前

    The longest 1:45 ever made.

  • Axel Rodrigo Vinett Carvajal
    Axel Rodrigo Vinett Carvajal13 天 前

    ojal estuviera LATAM ahi :(

  • the pizza reare
    the pizza reare13 天 前

    Is it just me or dose horizon in the thumbnail look like mis frizzle from the magic schoolbus

  • McClaps
    McClaps13 天 前

    Feels like yesterday octane was just added

  • McClaps
    McClaps13 天 前

    It's really been 2 years already? :0

  • Arieson
    Arieson13 天 前

    Okay, cool. Now make Titanfall 3.

  • Primo767
    Primo76713 天 前

    if lifeline's voiceacter ever quits and we get a new one im leaving apex

  • White Asian
    White Asian13 天 前


  • The erreeer man E
    The erreeer man E14 天 前

    Hey it’s been 2 year and I wanted to ask WHY DID YOU TAKE SKULL TOWN AWAY

  • First Legionnaire Joreg
    First Legionnaire Joreg15 天 前

    Came back last week after not playing since season 2. Most fun I've had in a long while!

  • Creeptech Gaming
    Creeptech Gaming15 天 前

    You sure you haven't released your best yet you've already got octane

  • Richard Jimenez
    Richard Jimenez15 天 前

    Can we all just stop for a second and appreciate respawn for bringing us apex

  • Daniel kaidbay
    Daniel kaidbay15 天 前

    Why isn't macro in here :(

  • 最終防衛すぴこ
    最終防衛すぴこ15 天 前


  • Jacob Mcneill.jr
    Jacob Mcneill.jr15 天 前


  • Swifto
    Swifto15 天 前

    I love how Respawn didn’t celebrate Titanfall 2’s anniversary.

  • Fafanir 21

    Fafanir 21

    9 天 前


  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam16 天 前

    “Phew what a rush”-octane

  • Paul Mendek
    Paul Mendek16 天 前

    I love this game and it's community. I'm not great at it but I love playing still.

  • Kitsune
    Kitsune16 天 前

    that's a grumpy fence >:(

  • Stephanie Brown
    Stephanie Brown16 天 前


  • Pathfinder
    Pathfinder16 天 前

    I was there, 2019 friends, or 2681 For me.

  • MH Saleh
    MH Saleh16 天 前

    How you doing shut in

  • Brúnó Vaskó
    Brúnó Vaskó16 天 前

    2 years of raging Bur still loving the game 👍

  • Warp Star
    Warp Star16 天 前

    where punchkid?

  • Francisco Gabriel Lopez Aquino
    Francisco Gabriel Lopez Aquino16 天 前

    Faltó algo de Fesbak :(

  • Brayan Quinteros

    Brayan Quinteros

    15 天 前

    No existe la comunidad hispanohablante :(

    SILENCED17 天 前

    The only battle royale I found fun :') thanks respawn

  • Big T
    Big T17 天 前

    They should have put macro in this

  • RavenPro
    RavenPro17 天 前

    0:10 I feel like I seen this somewhere

  • Champ Whack
    Champ Whack17 天 前

    Who been playing from day 1 and still garbage at the game 👋😔

  • Sérvia
    Sérvia17 天 前


  • Bixteen
    Bixteen17 天 前

    you showed a gamer girl so i don't like this

  • Matuteh
    Matuteh18 天 前


  • sniper gaming
    sniper gaming18 天 前

    i aleays forget how food this game is until i find out gibraltar exist

  • yonex draw
    yonex draw18 天 前

    Hey how about me i play to apex hahahahah

  • Damion Riley
    Damion Riley18 天 前

    Day one player and still absolutely love this game

  • Wikters
    Wikters18 天 前

    nah my respect ended when you added blm

  • clemions
    clemions18 天 前

    0:42 why was she wearing the Rocky 3 robe ahha

  • Diamondstar9878
    Diamondstar987818 天 前

    5 years no titanfall 3 :(

  • Shadow Mute
    Shadow Mute18 天 前

    That a angy fence

  • bullet proof cheese
    bullet proof cheese19 天 前

    Gotta say how bout yous give mirage everyones ability cause ya know uhhhhhhhhhhhh no reason

  • Ellie Yglesias
    Ellie Yglesias19 天 前

    They should have a apex legends comic book for that pic

  • lindholmaren
    lindholmaren19 天 前


  • Kosmo Palassuo
    Kosmo Palassuo19 天 前

    I look just like couctik

  • GammaMutagon
    GammaMutagon19 天 前


  • Arcade the Husky
    Arcade the Husky20 天 前

    Man I'm still waiting for TF3 not no doodoo dog water apex.

  • maka 19

    maka 19

    19 天 前

    Bro am still waiting for you to go back on fortnite so you can shut up ranting like a child

  • NubNub extra

    NubNub extra

    20 天 前

    Maybe say something less controversial next time

  • _Cosmos_
    _Cosmos_20 天 前

    titanfall 3?

  • circusmonkey28
    circusmonkey2820 天 前

    0:21 Ah! Look at the majestic ape calling for his mate! :')

  • Eturnus 6
    Eturnus 620 天 前

    Where is Macro

  • Mr Pichet
    Mr Pichet20 天 前

    You make my 2020 awesome so thanks to all the team

  • Noel Nagy
    Noel Nagy20 天 前

    i would played but since winter the game doesnt let me in. );

  • jay seon woo
    jay seon woo20 天 前

    I feel like something is wrong with today's games. Nintendo seems to be running well. . . Are the rest of the AAA games and indie games running well?

  • jay seon woo
    jay seon woo20 天 前

    Gamers are so weird. Besides, it feels too stimulating.

  • Jynn
    Jynn20 天 前

    Titanfall 3 plx

  • Creeperking Josh
    Creeperking Josh20 天 前

    Been here since day 1

  • Saimon Nakajima
    Saimon Nakajima20 天 前


  • Šimon Urban
    Šimon Urban20 天 前

    I can't expres how happy I am to see they included fan content!

  • PORK_Mono
    PORK_Mono20 天 前

    I wish I could be an apex voice actor

  • Adam Romero
    Adam Romero20 天 前

    1:24, epic scene stopped by a innocent cartoon.

  • Adam Romero

    Adam Romero

    20 天 前

    @Fresh_screen 4 I like that one!

  • Fresh_screen 4

    Fresh_screen 4

    20 天 前

    Thats a happy fence!

  • medic busters
    medic busters20 天 前

    Where is Titanfall 3

  • Tall Asian Dude
    Tall Asian Dude20 天 前

    1:24 is priceless, cutesy wattsy is best gorl

  • DNA Olympian
    DNA Olympian20 天 前

    Somebody had some fun with lobas thumbnail 🤣

  • Holy bird
    Holy bird20 天 前

    I love this game it's way better than fortnite am I right ?

  • NubNub extra

    NubNub extra

    20 天 前

    Yeah you are

  • salt • 15 years ago
    salt • 15 years ago20 天 前

    Ending it with the bloodhound fan trailer was sickk

  • Deric Medley
    Deric Medley21 天 前

    I’d like an octane ski that has his hair showing

  • AI I0n
    AI I0n21 天 前

    Yo they added toon crafts animation in this!

  • Eddie Foley
    Eddie Foley21 天 前

    I love the Watson part

  • Apple Deesy
    Apple Deesy21 天 前

    Now that you celebrated can you just give us worlds edge

  • Luca Albiero

    Luca Albiero

    19 天 前

    It Will, they said it

  • NubNub extra

    NubNub extra

    20 天 前

    Next season worlds edge will probably come back

  • David Yanovich
    David Yanovich21 天 前

    Well that’s what happens when you make a quality game with good development and cool characters!

  • Marilyn Rivera
    Marilyn Rivera21 天 前

    What if they said "YoU gOt BamBoOZleD" and it was actualy there 3 year anniversary

  • Ilki Kara

    Ilki Kara

    21 天 前

    Their *

  • Unsi
    Unsi21 天 前

    I've played since season 0 and this is the only game that gets better every update... unlike some game

  • chayes
    chayes21 天 前

    Jesus Christ loves you

  • maka 19

    maka 19

    19 天 前

    K thanks

  • discount.elonmusk


    20 天 前

    Didn't ask

  • Linrun T
    Linrun T21 天 前


  • FiXxY
    FiXxY21 天 前

    apex is 2 years old

  • Despicable Me
    Despicable Me21 天 前

    this reminds me of CNboth rewind but, if CNboth rewind was actually good.

  • I need A dad
    I need A dad21 天 前

    2 years and still haven’t won a game because of all the smurf accounts

  • 9yrog
    9yrog22 天 前

    It’s nice to see how much this game and community has changed over 2 years

  • wifi Money
    wifi Money22 天 前


  • broom beacon
    broom beacon22 天 前


  • Parry this You filthy casual
    Parry this You filthy casual22 天 前

    Where’s thatpunchkid

  • Mathieu Lumb
    Mathieu Lumb22 天 前