Apex Legends Celebrating Two Years


What else can we say but thank you! The community support and love for our game over the past two years has been truly incredible. Apex Legends is nothing without you, our players. You are the true Legends.
Be sure to jump in to the Anniversary Event for free rewards, a special Collection Event featuring a few fan-favorite looks, and the return of Locked and Loaded as a playlist Takeover. As a thank you for dropping with us, we’re loading up the Reward Track with 22 earnable items, including two Event Packs and ten Apex Packs. Get all the Collection Event items to unlock an Heirloom of your choice!
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin and Steam. Apex Legends is also coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 9, 2021.
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    Create a filipino character 🇵🇭 🇵🇭 🇵🇭

  • Susan Bissick
    Susan Bissick3 小时 前

    Just make a movie

  • #MOG
    #MOG4 小时 前


  • Boubsy Sennin
    Boubsy Sennin9 小时 前

    Cest l'anniversaire des no reg aussi ? Bande de devs de merde tirez vous les doigts cul

  • Abramion
    Abramion9 小时 前

    Hey developers i am bored to fight with players 300+ levels! Do something about it or add skill based matchmaking. I am 40 level!

  • Nextgenerationtv Dennie smit
    Nextgenerationtv Dennie smit10 小时 前

    Fix youre game ...... apex is trash trash trash 🗑 most laggy bugg game out there ... never spent youre mony on apex because the will fuck up youre acound .... I'm done with this game end developers not fixing the main problems .. the dont give a fuck

  • Handsome Lancer
    Handsome Lancer12 小时 前

    Fight Night has a Season 4 refrince LOL

  • your mom
    your mom12 小时 前


  • Skooter Miyomi
    Skooter Miyomi13 小时 前

    This needs to be a trailer or something.

  • Jacob Davidson
    Jacob Davidson15 小时 前

    Can we please get third person mode in apex again

  • SavagePenguin Reacts
    SavagePenguin Reacts17 小时 前

    Apex if your reading this love your game but can you add a heirloom refund system I got the wraith heirloom when it was the only one in the game but I don’t want it I want a different one

  • MRxSprinkles
    MRxSprinkles17 小时 前

    so any update for this infinite loading screen glitch

  • Ernest Lopez
    Ernest Lopez21 小时 前

    Apex Legends how about this a good there's a lot of new players who played a pack Legends how about we have double XP because it's be more easier and more fun for new player to level up faster please defaults

  • Li1 Boi
    Li1 Boi22 小时 前

    Plz bring back 3rd person mode!

    ŁØŘĐ ŘÁĞŇĄŘ23 小时 前

    A pedido não só meu mais sim de todos os jogadores Brasileiros, o game poderia receber uma dublagem em PTBR...

  • TheOne Gamer
    TheOne Gamer天 前

    yooo who is fixing that trash matchmaking?

  • Brian Camp
    Brian Camp天 前

    Everytime I try to get someone new to play apex they get wrecked by people that normally are higher level player but make new accounts to fight new player and destroy them to try to farm badges or heirlooms.... this has caused 6 people I have personally tried to start playing the game to want nothing to do with this game. And truth be told it have almost put me off several times. At my skill and level I shouldn't be seeing 5 or more players with diamond trails in the same lobbies I'm in let alone my newbie friends playing for the first time... please do something about this if possible cause it is keeping new players from picking the game up and that sucks for all of us

  • JaydenMellissa 12
    JaydenMellissa 12天 前

    I hate apex

  • spo00oky
    spo00oky天 前

    while I'm playing a regular game it'll just kick me from the game and tell me code: net or code :leaf and kick me to the starting menu. I have invested so much time and money on Apex legends, and to see the game crashing every time I play is just sad

  • Toxyll
    Toxyll天 前

    Will there ever be a chance to get Tombstick again?

  • Chris the chip 21
    Chris the chip 21天 前

    Ayo wtf EA, can I fucking play some Apex Legends, I can’t fucking log in because s there’s a unlimited loading screen wtf mate

  • Oreo_fandom_beastars
    Oreo_fandom_beastars天 前

    Im level 190+ and i played for 5 seasons now+without any. Im still waiting for my heirloom guys

  • Natalie Paquette
    Natalie Paquette天 前

    After all of these years of apex I am glad to become a legend

  • The Mayor
    The Mayor天 前

    Respawning it has been my very wish for an heirloom heck you can pick mine but please let me in this next one it makes me anxious and sorry to ask it's just I play with soooooo many people who have it and it leaves a scratch on me I ask politely if ok

  • buddy3167
    buddy3167天 前

    These are private matches

  • Toni Fisher
    Toni Fisher天 前

    Was I supposed to get an Xbox skin on Xbox for Watson or just just in the trailer or for an old think remind just going crazy

  • Jesus Christus
    Jesus Christus天 前

    Matchmaking = Shit

  • Shinyo Hadoken
    Shinyo Hadoken天 前

    Das Spiel ist dermaßen schlecht geworden. Die "neuen" Maps einfach nur grottig. Playstation Spieler voller Leaver. Und die Ladezeiten seit dem letzten Update. Als würden sie es extra machen damit man sich die neue Generation holt . Datum habe ich es gelöscht.

  • l OverratedUser l
    l OverratedUser l天 前

    Best thing is that it barely feels like an EA game due to them actually loving the game

  • isabelle xoxo
    isabelle xoxo天 前

    That's soooo good 😽💖🤤🤗💯

  • Eric Santana Tilander
    Eric Santana Tilander天 前

    1:07 wait.... octane face reveal :0

  • Stanislav Royachki
    Stanislav Royachki天 前

    PLS listen to this comment: Mozambique out Peacekeeper in.

  • Tabitha Toler
    Tabitha Toler2 天 前

    Can you bring back peacekeepers to common plz apex bye love you apex I'm a og 2 years let's go baby

  • matrueno mendez
    matrueno mendez2 天 前

    Seeeeerverrr de mieeeeeeeeeerda

  • DrawnBasil
    DrawnBasil2 天 前

    2 million on the channel! Congrats!

  • Perry Davenport
    Perry Davenport2 天 前


  • L`Fепль
    L`Fепль2 天 前

    i love you all so much

  • matrueno mendez
    matrueno mendez2 天 前

    Mastiff legend yeaaaaah

  • Yashi Kaul
    Yashi Kaul2 天 前

    Apex plzzzzz for god say plzzz fix your fixing audio.....plz its 8 fucking reasons brooo plzzz

  • イルカをペットにしてみたい
    イルカをペットにしてみたい2 天 前


  • Surskit
    Surskit2 天 前

    I saw all my favorite apex CNbothrs this was amazing!!!

  • Misha W
    Misha W2 天 前

    My boyfriend told me about the game two years ago, we used to play it together.... annnnnd he is gone now. We are no longer together, we broke up a week ago. Playing it again brings me so much memories... a happy memories. I miss him so fuc*ing much 💔

  • Kerem Okur

    Kerem Okur

    天 前

    damn that sucks, anyways have you heard about the mastiff changes coming soon? cant wait

    xDAIMON2 天 前

    GG 😶😳😳😳😎

  • Shaolin master
    Shaolin master2 天 前

    There is a glitch in the game were if you use a VPN and swap countries in game during the matchmaking loading screen it makes the server's lag

  • Jim Bronskii007
    Jim Bronskii0072 天 前

    Fix the fucking game

  • Jim Bronskii007
    Jim Bronskii0072 天 前

    Fix this fucking game

  • Duniel Acanda
    Duniel Acanda2 天 前

    They need to fix so many bugs I can’t even log in in a game with my friends like I hear them in the lobby but I don’t see them

  • kat katerina
    kat katerina2 天 前

    When is Gibraltar getting nerfed? Still waiting.

  • Spiros Chitiris
    Spiros Chitiris2 天 前

    Buff cryptos Drone to deploy the respawn beacon...

  • Aidan Kiser
    Aidan Kiser2 天 前

    Can y’all add the peacekeeper normal instead of it being in a supply crate

  • amer haiqal
    amer haiqal2 天 前

    Repawn can we know where is barrel stabilize level 4 in apex legends season 8 ?

  • SplashOfStinky
    SplashOfStinky2 天 前

    This is what legends are made of!

  • 0
    02 天 前

    Haha Dope

  • Kyle Fauncd-Davis
    Kyle Fauncd-Davis2 天 前

    Emphasis on "PLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE" Bring back Warmachine for Pathfinder to the new items store? I missed it when it was here for the 2-year anniversary and I've wanted that ever since I missed the iron Crown event! You guys probably won't see this before the five days and for the event but I've been thinking about it and I haven't said anything until now, because I know I'm just one voice but I love the game an...ugh. idk what I'm doing here! Have a good one!

  • Kyle Fauncd-Davis
    Kyle Fauncd-Davis2 天 前


  • Kyle Fauncd-Davis
    Kyle Fauncd-Davis2 天 前


  • Kyle Fauncd-Davis
    Kyle Fauncd-Davis2 天 前

    Hey apex

  • Kyle Fauncd-Davis
    Kyle Fauncd-Davis2 天 前


  • Kyle Fauncd-Davis
    Kyle Fauncd-Davis2 天 前


  • Charlie Mason
    Charlie Mason2 天 前

    hey, Apex Legends I was wording if I could be an actor for your game. Because I played it for 4 months and I wish I could just play a person that would be a person from another universe because that certain someone was playing around time.....so if you could for season 9 i would be down

  • Charlie Mason

    Charlie Mason

    2 天 前

    btw the time thing would be part of my person just for an idea

  • Jesus Christus
    Jesus Christus2 天 前

    Matchmaking still bullshit

  • Meme Lord.TANIMA
    Meme Lord.TANIMA2 天 前


  • TanzaKnight
    TanzaKnight2 天 前

    Is the thumbnail from a fan animation? Whats the link for that?

  • DasKänguruH
    DasKänguruH2 天 前


  • antony helmish
    antony helmish2 天 前

    Bring shadowfall gamemode in this year, people want solos, and escape

  • TheOne Gamer
    TheOne Gamer2 天 前

    yooo fix the damn matchmaking in rank stop sellings skins fix the trash matchmaking

  • hacker coolkid09
    hacker coolkid093 天 前

    can apex add kbm on console

  • hacker coolkid09
    hacker coolkid093 天 前

    can apex add kbm on console

  • hacker coolkid09
    hacker coolkid093 天 前

    can apex add kbm on console

  • hacker coolkid09
    hacker coolkid093 天 前

    can apex add kbm on console

  • hacker coolkid09
    hacker coolkid093 天 前

    can apex add kbm on console

  • hacker coolkid09
    hacker coolkid093 天 前

    can apex add kbm on console

  • Josh Danyali
    Josh Danyali3 天 前

    Ok hopefully someone can agree with me on this if you see this, bro wraith void jump/phase the cue time should definitely be lowered by at least 1 second like it takes her so long to actually cue the phase that it makes the ability pretty unreliable when in sticky gun fights

  • marlon grandberry
    marlon grandberry3 天 前

    Solos pls

  • marlon grandberry
    marlon grandberry3 天 前

    Pls I might kill myself if y’all don’t bring it back

  • にゃんこ
    にゃんこ3 天 前

    フォトナより全然楽しそう ( 個人の感想 )

  • 郭かくかく
    郭かくかく3 天 前

    To those who may concerns: My APEX Account was banned about 01/23~01/24. I was warned using an illegal program in APEX. Thus my account was banned. However, I never used any kind of cheat software, and I even didn't login APEX during 01/23~01/24! I check my RANK point was got up for no reasoon, so I think my account was hacked. I report this case to EA chinese and provide all of my information, such as APEX Account and IP Location in 01/24 afternonn, Hoping that EA will help me to prove my innocence and give back my EA Account and APEX uesr service. However from 24th, Jan. until today, I have already sent lots of mails and never got a reply. Oops, sorry, there's still a reply, saying that I report the same problem so "cancel" other case for me. Wow, that is so kind, for EA still not fixing my problem. All money I spent on APEX SKIN was WASTED simply because EA IGNORE their customer and their TERRIBLE customer service!!! Had EA ever care about their user, I already contact Judiciary in Taiwan to get back my money. I will NEVER concern EA anymore and suggest all the other users to do so: Do not spend any money on EA, who consider consumer rights b.s.!!

  • トムとけんぞうとじゅんとマルクのゲーム実況チャンネル
    トムとけんぞうとじゅんとマルクのゲーム実況チャンネル3 天 前


  • マリウスシュトライヒャー
    マリウスシュトライヒャー3 天 前


  • Madalyn
    Madalyn3 天 前

    Ah man... I thought we are getting an official comic

  • Madalyn
    Madalyn3 天 前

    2 years? Wouldnt this be a good time to finally release.... Solos?

  • Breakneck
    Breakneck3 天 前

    2 years and 2 millions followers

  • reap robot
    reap robot3 天 前

    Dat thumbnail do

  • Miguel Calderon
    Miguel Calderon3 天 前

    Apex u should remove cross play cause if I put disable I still don’t get ps4 players

  • Saúl azod
    Saúl azod3 天 前

    Falta un comentario en español, así que aquí estoy

  • Knifey
    Knifey3 天 前

    Two years still waiting for jack cooper

    RELIFIZA 363 天 前

    FIX YOUR SERVER FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steven 504
    Steven 5043 天 前

    Why do i never get a heirloom give me one pls apex come on dont be rude to me ;(

  • Mike
    Mike3 天 前

    Solos please

  • Nobody


    3 天 前


  • SavagePenguin Reacts
    SavagePenguin Reacts3 天 前

    Apex if your reading this love your game but can you add a heirloom refund system I got the wraith heirloom when it was the only one in the game but I don’t want it I want a different one

  • Emerse2k
    Emerse2k3 天 前

    I love youuuuuu💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 Apex legend 😍

  • Pick a Username
    Pick a Username3 天 前

    You just updated the game again, and you STILL have audio issues.

  • Vip Wójcik
    Vip Wójcik3 天 前

    Please add a Pikachu skin for Wattson for Pokemon Day (Feb 27)

  • Ryan Webster
    Ryan Webster4 天 前

    Mouse and keyboard on ps4

  • Ryan Webster
    Ryan Webster4 天 前

    Keyboard and mouse on ps4

  • Ryan Webster
    Ryan Webster4 天 前

    Have keyboard and mouse on ps4

  • Stanley Hernandez
    Stanley Hernandez4 天 前

    Nerf is caitic

  • Davide Sardina
    Davide Sardina4 天 前

    Pls, golden rush duo is the best mod ever

  • Diego Armando Maqueda Roldán
    Diego Armando Maqueda Roldán4 天 前

    The apex is good game but if they were to fix q didn't fail it would be good game but so far and I think q forever call of duty will keep beating this game shit shit respawn shit are useless to see if they already get to work skewers

  • Alen Kolmanič
    Alen Kolmanič4 天 前

    How about you fix your infinite loading screen and celebrate your bug and glitches and make a fucking meme edit out of it

  • ruben alejandro palacio villalobos

    ruben alejandro palacio villalobos

    4 天 前