Apex Legends Season 6 - Battle Pass Trailer


Grab the Battle Pass and complete challenges to unlock Legendary items like Built for Speed Pathfinder, Road Warrior Bloodhound, and the Hypersonic reactive G7.
Apex Legends Season 6 - Boosted brings a new Battle Pass brimming with rewards.
Immediately unlock the Legendary Rollcage Sentinel skin and three new Rare Legends skins when you pick up the Battle Pass. Then fight your way through Daily and Weekly Challenges to earn unique rewards like new Holo-Sprays, Apex Packs, XP Boosts, skins, Music Packs, Loading Screens, Skydive Emotes, Quips and more! Grab the bundle to instantly unlock the first 25 levels. Ready to show them what you’re made of?
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC.
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  • Robert Lawton
    Robert Lawton3 天 前

    Excuse me but the kraber shot sound like longdmr at the beginning

  • Xtpowerarmor. E
    Xtpowerarmor. E6 天 前

    I look back now and see way this season was Bad I was in California wen the first trailer wen me and my dad and mom were on the free way

  • X Knight
    X Knight7 天 前

    I think this is the best Battle Pass ever in Apex Legends

  • klapusz kopniak
    klapusz kopniak10 天 前


  • Jason Hart
    Jason Hart16 天 前

    Shit season Amazing battle pass

  • Deitrich Evans
    Deitrich Evans20 天 前

    Why didn't we get that bloodhound finisher and quip brooo


    Can you get a pass in season eight please

  • discount.elonmusk


    17 天 前


  • JakE ObenheiN
    JakE ObenheiN28 天 前

    0:08 Season 7 quip 🤔🤔

  • Frogurt


    27 天 前


  • TheBuddyFriend
    TheBuddyFriend个月 前

    Season 8 bouta launch CNboth:hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm

  • Here I come I am cinnamon!
    Here I come I am cinnamon!个月 前

    *Gear up and bring swag*

  • Trex From jurassic park
    Trex From jurassic park个月 前

    Rampart is the reason of regression

  • xTaisen
    xTaisen个月 前


  • Holo Pilot
    Holo Pilot个月 前


  • Obi wan Kenobi
    Obi wan Kenobi2 个月 前

    Hey everyone, youre probably playing season 10 right now . Have fun

  • Mitat .G

    Mitat .G

    28 天 前

    yeah, the season is great! we have a time machine and solos

  • Dark Star

    Dark Star

    个月 前


  • John Linda
    John Linda2 个月 前

    romeo santos

  • Trigger Studios
    Trigger Studios3 个月 前

    I miss the old system

  • Wattson _OSN
    Wattson _OSN3 个月 前

    hi Russians я из будуюшего, через 2 месеца после выхода 6го сезона выйдет седьмой сезон

  • pavonis
    pavonis3 个月 前

    Season 7 released today and i feel like season 6 was yesterday The time realy flies

  • Revaci
    Revaci3 个月 前

    _The good old days..._

  • chantel reid
    chantel reid3 个月 前

    be alright dean lewis

  • N1ckz 73
    N1ckz 734 个月 前

    0:50 a hint for emotes?

  • poop


    3 个月 前

    i think thats a banner pose

  • Dot Euphoria
    Dot Euphoria4 个月 前

    it's now safe to say this battle pass was terrible and s6 was the worst season yet

  • Dillion APP
    Dillion APP4 个月 前

    The Bloodhound skin is so awesome, but sadly it's on the premium battle pass and i don't have money :(

  • How Toe
    How Toe4 个月 前

    Battlepass level Max :)

  • Deniz Ali Cankorur
    Deniz Ali Cankorur4 个月 前


  • ravvstar
    ravvstar4 个月 前


  • Leonardo Yan
    Leonardo Yan4 个月 前


  • 拡声器裏声
    拡声器裏声4 个月 前


  • Say WHUT
    Say WHUT4 个月 前

    The worst battlepass in all of apex seasons

  • Deadsilver104 Borntoball

    Deadsilver104 Borntoball

    个月 前

    Wait even worse than season 1 and 5.

  • JasonItz
    JasonItz4 个月 前

    1:10 bloodhound u fucking killed wattson bruh

  • tomas Broflosvki
    tomas Broflosvki4 个月 前

    apex is the best game in the world it is beautiful it has all the only aspect that should be improved that it takes a long time to place content but the game is fantastic if an apex programmer read this please improve bengalore it is needed

  • Beans
    Beans4 个月 前

    I think that wraith skydive thing was also teasing her champions pack skin

    VERTI _SKY4 个月 前

    This game is coming to mobile soon

  • Sergio Enrique Sanchez Gaxiola
    Sergio Enrique Sanchez Gaxiola4 个月 前

    who is a new legend in season 7 is horizon

  • María Constanza
    María Constanza4 个月 前

    Boof Pathfinder

  • Anaxagoras
    Anaxagoras4 个月 前

    “... the Rollcage Sentinel” RIP, my boi, the sentinel 2020-2020

  • Cullen Nelson
    Cullen Nelson4 个月 前


  • Stanciu Andrei
    Stanciu Andrei4 个月 前

    Is there any chance that the reactive weapons skins will return?In the shop of the game,for example?

  • The-Leaf
    The-Leaf4 个月 前

    0:52 Mirage ground emote

  • Wasif Huda
    Wasif Huda4 个月 前

    Damm love it

  • Doby Deez
    Doby Deez4 个月 前

    Apex It takes like 30 Mins to Find a Match and I was wondering if there was a Solution

  • Valenface


    4 个月 前

    Change your server, most servers are dead

  • Red Paradox
    Red Paradox4 个月 前

    Did they use a longbow shot sound for the kraber shot at the beginning

  • Nightfury CR7
    Nightfury CR74 个月 前

    Amazing gameplay, I love to play with Octane.

  • Henry Scheper
    Henry Scheper4 个月 前

    plz make vids for the story pleeease!

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez4 个月 前

    when are we getting a free battle pass

  • Rodrigo Medeiros
    Rodrigo Medeiros4 个月 前

    Eu vendo 500bongo

  • Rodrigo Medeiros
    Rodrigo Medeiros4 个月 前

    Cinza ou preto elementos pra noturno

  • Piloto Marcos
    Piloto Marcos4 个月 前

    1:03soo why is nobody talking about this shit????

  • My tube
    My tube4 个月 前


  • Kalculated Kunai
    Kalculated Kunai5 个月 前


  • Ikhsan Rusdin
    Ikhsan Rusdin5 个月 前

    can u add a report button for A DAMN BAD SERVER?. cuz since season 6, every time i wan to play at night i cant, because of A BAD SERVER. FIX UR DAMN SERVER MAN. I CAN'T EVEN LAND ON THE GROUND. forget about fighting an enemy, i can't even move. hell even most of the time i CAN'T ENTER THE LOBBY. i mean, WTF man. DON'T BOTHER ADDING NEW CONTENT IF U CAN'T EVEN FIX A BASIC PROBLEM. well I'M SURE, I;M NOT THE ONLY ONE COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS. Who am i, but the person who want to play a game. its a shame, this game has so many potential. yet DESTROYED by A SIMPLE PROBLEM. DON'T BOTHER ADD ONE IF U CAN'T FIX ONE.

  • Indigo
    Indigo5 个月 前

    Why is wraith so much like Naruto???

  • PUBG NEWS أخبار ببجي
    PUBG NEWS أخبار ببجي5 个月 前

    my brother want me to dress like loba in his birthday 😂 it's better to have a professional coach than just watching , here some coaches pick one and start playing like a professional www.foorpaeh.com/2020/09/apex-legends-skills-i-will-coach-you-to.html

  • supreme kai
    supreme kai5 个月 前

    Bring back solos 2020 plz

  • Noko Notwane
    Noko Notwane5 个月 前

    Hello respawn, I really love the game, but I have network problems because I am from South Africa and the closest server is London, it needs strong network to play without lags and slowing down, I mostly play at night because of this problem, and I recently started playing battle royales and this is by far the best I've ever played, please try to make a server in Africa or South Africa. Thank you

  • Jeff Pro LM
    Jeff Pro LM5 个月 前

    Cadê novidades no jogo ?

  • Ol Sp00ky
    Ol Sp00ky5 个月 前

    Just started streaming and uploading vids, and if anybody can come check it out it would be nice

  • tom4od
    tom4od5 个月 前

    I think the next character should have the special ability to summon a wild beast which attacks everyone. I think it’s ult should summon a dragon that the whole squad can mount to fly around the map. The back story of this guy is a nature lover. Basically a hippy version of David Attenborough. Thumbs up if you agree.

  • omega toast
    omega toast5 个月 前

    cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/bqZ_mrmejLCy14o.html for the next trailer?

  • Trent Pierce
    Trent Pierce5 个月 前

    So I saw where some said if they had ideas for a Netflix show on apex. And I have a idea on how you could do it. The first season of it could be on the original six legends and how the games came to be” like how blisk got the idea and why”. That could be the first episode or you could make it into two. Then for the next six episodes you could go into more detail on who the legends are, how and why they have the abilities they do have and how blisk met them to invite them or how they got to the games. You could run say 8-10 episodes a season kinda like stories from the outlands but more in-depth and longer. The next season could be about the next few legends that you dropped and you can start to show how there stories are intertwined with each other while still giving that next group of legends there own episodes like the first season. Then you have a couple of episodes to give more lore and show how the smaller characters in the stories a little more back ground like the blue haired guy with loba, or crypto’s sister. So gibbys boyfriend nick and what’s going on with him after gibby left for the games, or bangs brother. And while doing that you could tease new legends or new characters that isn’t part of the legends list and just side characters. You could release say two episodes per game season. During times where the game is going through a drought of players. And use it to get new and older players to play. Just like as a child when they watch transformers or power rangers or something that is a game or toy related they want to play with the toys or the game. And you wouldn’t have to worry about getting that much new content. Because most episodic shows that are in seasons mostly last eight years. And that would fit right in to the ten year plan of the game. And if you just keep it a few legends per season on the show. You won’t have to worry much about show stuff your not ready to show cause you will always have legends that you have released. For example if you do the first season on the first 6 legends. That next season you have crypto, Watson, caustic, mirage, loba, and rev. Then your next season could begin with rampart and the next group of legends. Because by the time it’s ramparts season it would be at least three year since her release so by then you have plenty of legends to do that season on. And so on and so forth. With that show you create another way for income to come in, you get more people to play which should create more income. And you to a degree silence the people that’s always saying there isn’t enough content. Also with the show on Netflix even the children that don’t play the game. Would buy action figures and you could literally start branding all kinds of things with apex themed stuff and have merchandise in stores. All the way from school supplies to more clothing items and beyond. But that’s just an idea I had

  • Alcor Never Learns
    Alcor Never Learns5 个月 前

    Fix this game pls . Wtf skillbased match making is a scam. You guys ruining the game .


    I want them to add a kill effect

  • O Osolu
    O Osolu5 个月 前

    I like the sentinel skin

  • MBC
    MBC5 个月 前

    ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS: You're amazing and beautiful stay safe and have a wonderful rest of the day!!!! 💋 🍑 (LOOK AT MY NAME BTW)😇😘

  • Kai Higgins
    Kai Higgins5 个月 前

    Please take low profile out of the gsme

  • Kai Higgins

    Kai Higgins

    5 个月 前

    And please take the delay off of wraiths tac and buff path make the game playable again

  • Kai Higgins

    Kai Higgins

    5 个月 前

    Taking more damage in a br is not a good way to balance hit boxes

  • Octy :
    Octy :5 个月 前

    Listen... please make BT mech suit

  • Angela Ciurariu
    Angela Ciurariu5 个月 前

    Apex legends când o să băgați solo modul înapoi

  • ImaDarling
    ImaDarling5 个月 前

    Does anyone think they will bring back level 100 weapon skins

  • Its_just_ford
    Its_just_ford5 个月 前

    I saw an idea for rev’s heirloom, it is the elevator glass shard and when he inspects it, he looks at it and see’s his human reflection. Credit is on the season four gameplay trailer.

  • UglyDonkey22


    3 个月 前

    I think it looks too boring to be a heirloom tbh, but the idea is really cool

    JOSUEX5 个月 前

    instead of seeing the event of the dumis uviezen removed the event of solitaire

  • Prince kumar Prince
    Prince kumar Prince5 个月 前

    When release apex legends mobile in india please give date i waiting for your game 😒

  • Cameron Baker

    Cameron Baker

    5 个月 前

    It would never lol

  • Henry


    5 个月 前

    Apex is never NEVER coming to mobile

  • Gregory Longoria
    Gregory Longoria5 个月 前

    I swear such a fun game but they’re so many cry babies that play this game.

  • sp1der
    sp1der5 个月 前

    Please make the peacekeeper a ground spawn weapon

  • vorophix
    vorophix5 个月 前

    I want to apex mobile come out

  • Cameron Baker

    Cameron Baker

    5 个月 前

    It won’t tho

  • felipe nascimento
    felipe nascimento5 个月 前

    A pior temporada até o momento...

  • felipe nascimento
    felipe nascimento5 个月 前

    Não souberam manter o jogo

  • felipe nascimento
    felipe nascimento5 个月 前

    Jogo morto

  • felipe nascimento
    felipe nascimento5 个月 前

    Jogo morto só consegue jogar uma partida depois das 18:00

  • felipe nascimento
    felipe nascimento5 个月 前

    Jogo morto

  • felipe nascimento
    felipe nascimento5 个月 前

    Jogo morto não acha partida no Xbox one

  • felipe nascimento
    felipe nascimento5 个月 前

    Jogo morto

  • LincG
    LincG5 个月 前

    I was playing Fortnite in Then I seen a APEX video and then I hopped right on it and here I am playing it🤠 and maybe fix a big crack in city please😺🤘

  • Cjrenier Amatong
    Cjrenier Amatong5 个月 前

    Cool game

  • Matei Alexandru Dinu
    Matei Alexandru Dinu5 个月 前

    Only the british use bloody as a bad word. Is Rampart british or indian?

  • The Quiet Man
    The Quiet Man5 个月 前


  • nxp-_-Data
    nxp-_-Data5 个月 前

    0:10 squidward laugh?

  • LAX 117
    LAX 1175 个月 前

    Apex I have a problem with the duplicators that does not allow me to create anything please fix I have been using it since week 2 like this

  • Navithegoat
    Navithegoat5 个月 前

    Can you guys fix some area cause like we get stuck in it and die

  • t h o u g h t s
    t h o u g h t s5 个月 前

    They should let console players report because someone used aimbot on me during ranked

  • Samu Gaming
    Samu Gaming5 个月 前

    Bringt doch mal Matchmaking rein bitte jedes Spiel hat es geschafft auser ihr alter es nervt

  • akatsuki_anime obito
    akatsuki_anime obito5 个月 前

    Apex legends how do you make so much good music like omg it's so good tho right everyone

  • Arakan
    Arakan5 个月 前

    I'm sick and tired of your servers

  • The Quiet Man
    The Quiet Man5 个月 前

    Hey can you put a zap stick on crypto or someting

  • Kai Higgins
    Kai Higgins5 个月 前

    There should be a one time progression swap like GTA accounts through origin. I have been playing since release day on Xbox and just switched to pc. Now I can’t use my 2 heirlooms that I bought packs for. Please fix this game. It’s hard to play right now

  • Kai Higgins
    Kai Higgins5 个月 前

    Please wraith and pathfinder need a major buff. Nerfing a character because they are designed good and everyone else is lack luster is not good for the game. While buffing those weaker characters into the meta is good you have now made the meta unbalanced again. Wraith did Not need a delay on her tactical because now it’s useless! There’s no reason to use it if it’s not going to get you out of bad situation. Pathfinders tac is useless as well. But tell me how this is fair now every game I’m in I see every squad now has a bloodhound and get scanned from every direction every single game. But there’s no good tactical to counter. Take the delay off of Lobas tac and she’ll get more play. If your going for balance, then balance it. Don’t just nerf good characters because everyone picks them!

  • ネコサンジョースター
    ネコサンジョースター5 个月 前


  • Nie wieder Krieg
    Nie wieder Krieg5 个月 前

    cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/l35sfNSWi53WvbA.html Wann unternehmt ihr etwas dagegen? Gestern Abend waren in jeder Lobby solche Leute. Es ist schade um euer gutes Spiel, aber es ist unspielbar geworden.

  • Boysablon
    Boysablon5 个月 前

    Aren’t we supposed to get an event around nowb

  • KaaToN Jedi
    KaaToN Jedi5 个月 前

    Le jeu meurs de jours en jours vous ne prenez pas soin de votre bijoux, tout les battles royales ont du solo, dommage pour vous.

  • BayouBoys
    BayouBoys5 个月 前