Apex Legends Season 7 - Ascension Launch Trailer


Rise to new heights in Apex Legends Season 7 on the floating city of Olympus. x.ea.com/65921
There’s a whole new world waiting to be explored. The stakes are higher and the falls are deadlier on Olympus. New Legend Horizon understands the gravity of the situation, and she’s sure to give the other Legends a lift -- whether they want it or not. Plus hop on Olympus’s floating Trident vehicles, grab the latest Battle Pass, ascend to the top of Ranked, and build your community with Clubs. Up your game when Season 7 releases on November 4.
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC. And play on Steam when Season 7 launches on November 4 !
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Song Credits:
“Ain’t Our Time To Die (Champions of Justice Remix)”
Performed by DOROTHY


  • T
    T11 小时 前

    I love horizon so much. They nerfed her so badly :(

  • كوكب الأرض
    كوكب الأرض天 前

    She's become bad. They destroy her by dicrrasing the lift up speed.

  • pilkers2


    天 前

    Turning a legend from overpowered to balanced isn’t making them bad

  • Revmain69 96niamveR
    Revmain69 96niamveR天 前


  • Revmain69 96niamveR
    Revmain69 96niamveR天 前


  • Benjamin Koornstra
    Benjamin Koornstra2 天 前

    2:43:expectation of horizons ult Reality: just casually walks out

  • Hunter Poke
    Hunter Poke2 天 前

    I was today years old when I noticed that this video was released a day after my birthday...

  • Mitat .G
    Mitat .G4 天 前


  • Mitat .G
    Mitat .G4 天 前


  • ぴーポルポ
    ぴーポルポ6 天 前


  • WolfOfMen
    WolfOfMen8 天 前

    Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.

  • pilkers2


    天 前


  • MysteryManStan
    MysteryManStan8 天 前

    Wait a minute, Pathfinder Ex Machina!

  • Elite
    Elite8 天 前


  • 100k Subs Challenge.
    100k Subs Challenge.8 天 前

    1:49 pathfinder loves mirage so much he helped him get on by swinging his arm.

  • James Luker
    James Luker10 天 前

    Lol did anyone else spot da bow

  • Ben He
    Ben He12 天 前

    he gets the motherly love he wanted and she gets to raise a kid properly this time... its all comng together

  • The Silent Krissy
    The Silent Krissy12 天 前

    I like how Mirage and Rampart are being flirts

  • Real Show
    Real Show12 天 前


  • Xander Williamsen
    Xander Williamsen13 天 前

    Everybody talks about pathfinder grappling twice but he did that in the season 0 trailer

  • Βασιλης Σουροβικης
    Βασιλης Σουροβικης14 天 前

    Chew on this jack

  • AlienFromMars
    AlienFromMars14 天 前

    I mean, they did a cool trick and all, but did they forget about Rampart literally about to snipe them.

  • Jessica Leffel
    Jessica Leffel14 天 前

    “Maybe it’s the welcome commete” it wasn’t the welcome. Commete pathfinder marage and rampart all died

  • Mr Top Hat 29
    Mr Top Hat 2915 天 前

    “I can! Go me!”

  • N A
    N A15 天 前

    Did anyone else think of WALL-E when they heard lido deck?

  • Lu
    Lu15 天 前

    That one dude in chat who said that the map looks so small

  • Itz-_SniiperOne
    Itz-_SniiperOne16 天 前

    I wanna see bloodhound, mirage, and pathfinder on the same team

  • Elevated 1
    Elevated 116 天 前

    Rampart: Punch it! Mirage: *Adios*

  • RhinoBlast386
    RhinoBlast38617 天 前

    Path comin in with the clutch 😎

  • Fraser Tv
    Fraser Tv17 天 前

    If only I was welcomed like that on my entrance to school

  • Miguel Pelia
    Miguel Pelia18 天 前

    Looking back, I wish the Tridents were this fun

  • Slayer_01
    Slayer_0119 天 前

    What if horizon son is mirage

  • Kenneth Canilang
    Kenneth Canilang19 天 前

    Pathy: jumps in the vehicle, shoots and miss all the shots Accurate representation of my aim

  • ZmingZ
    ZmingZ19 天 前

    Love Mirage being iconic

  • DIA Debuted in 2015
    DIA Debuted in 201520 天 前

    Siga com A Horizon

  • Ri Lu
    Ri Lu20 天 前

    very cool

  • Primo767
    Primo76720 天 前

    always the best choice in music istg how yall be doing this 😍

  • Hot Coffee
    Hot Coffee21 天 前

    1:32 Mirage poggers

  • believer
    believer21 天 前

    Maybe it’s the welcome Committee 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🥲😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy21 天 前

    The welcome comity isn’t very welcoming

  • Adrian Gundran
    Adrian Gundran21 天 前

    Apex picks the best the music, and they are sick🔥🔥🔥

  • Akalbila Ishak
    Akalbila Ishak23 天 前

    If you tell me that wasn't badass, then you are an alien

  • Ssj Rose
    Ssj Rose23 天 前

    Rip season 7

  • J. Amb
    J. Amb24 天 前

    Lol! Horizon using her tactical on the enemies would do nothing but give them the advantage.

  • abc def
    abc def27 天 前

    There is literally no plausibility in this trailer.

  • Thunder YT
    Thunder YT29 天 前

    Season 3 and season 7 best seasons in apex ever

  • Ap Ex
    Ap Ex个月 前

    I’m I the only one who remembers the actor of mirage is also the actor of crane in dying light

  • neegafeega


    29 天 前

    Omg i never knew that I just thought they sounded very simaler

  • Squishy
    Squishy个月 前

    Rewatching because season 9 trailer will come out pretty soon. Anyone else?

  • okko soto
    okko soto个月 前

    "Chapachaspuchapata?" 0:40 Hah??

  • Heros Diaz
    Heros Diaz个月 前

    We all need a pathfinder in our lives. And maybe a Rampart for the chaos.

  • samirnum1 YT
    samirnum1 YT个月 前

    Mirage: Doesn't die Me: -Chuckles- Im In Danger

  • Fernando Rodriguez
    Fernando Rodriguez个月 前

    Worst season

  • Fernando Rodriguez

    Fernando Rodriguez

    20 天 前

    @Fox Palenkova wym

  • Fox Palenkova

    Fox Palenkova

    20 天 前

    @Fernando Rodriguez 7 is behind season 3 bro

  • Fernando Rodriguez

    Fernando Rodriguez

    21 天 前

    6 and 7 fellas.

  • Francoalezamora206


    21 天 前

    Season 6 is the worst 😐

  • J0hann¿


    22 天 前

    Actually season 6 is the worst

  • Gabriel Orona
    Gabriel Orona个月 前

    Poor trident

  • shachar movies
    shachar movies个月 前

    thats look so goododd the map is amzing

  • shachar movies
    shachar movies个月 前

    she look so goodd

  • Pawel Smardz
    Pawel Smardz个月 前

    1:25 coolest scene.

  • Fionn Murray
    Fionn Murray个月 前

    Mirage and rampart are definitely best mates who hate each other sometimes

  • Arijit Beast Gaming
    Arijit Beast Gaming个月 前

    mirage be like:ah shit

  • Sheriff Woody
    Sheriff Woody个月 前

    pathfinder tactical stolen *rip*

  • Evil Dax
    Evil Dax个月 前

    Worst season ever

  • Francoalezamora206


    21 天 前

    Actually season 6 is the worst 😐

    MR_DOGGO PH个月 前

    The most hype trailer yet since i joined Apex on S5

  • Supergamer 839 2
    Supergamer 839 2个月 前

    Patherfinder I know how to fly Dark humor intensifies

  • Content deleted
    Content deleted个月 前

    Me: *Acts edgy* The quiet kid: 1:48

  • AlexPax2018
    AlexPax2018个月 前

    2:20 what gun Horizon did she used?

  • AlexPax2018


    个月 前

    @Aidan Cahill well I thought that was a gun we didn't see before and I forgot havoc did the same thing, thanks for telling me

  • Aidan Cahill

    Aidan Cahill

    个月 前

    A selectfire havoc... Which wasn't even in the game anymore

  • R. Otsu
    R. Otsu个月 前


  • Pheonix
    Pheonix个月 前

    I love pathfinder he’s funny

  • ThatGuy Todd
    ThatGuy Todd个月 前

    Can you hold this jack?, revenant fucking dies

  • Pringles Can
    Pringles Can个月 前


  • Pringles Can
    Pringles Can个月 前

    disliked for misspelling genius can not belve this apex is dead 2 me

  • TheGameChanger12
    TheGameChanger12个月 前

    Had to come back and watch this again because i can’t get over how amazing horizon is

  • cupid & co.
    cupid & co.个月 前

    missing this

  • Zane Gray
    Zane Gray个月 前

    Is the hole where the scull town blew up in season 8 well it still be there

  • Zane Gray

    Zane Gray

    个月 前

    I mean season 5 oops

  • Sir Pigeon
    Sir Pigeon个月 前

    This game will never die

  • Fox Palenkova

    Fox Palenkova

    个月 前


  • cibrian ghost
    cibrian ghost个月 前

    i like the music in this trailer

  • Elliot Thompson

    Elliot Thompson

    个月 前

    @cibrian ghost if you want to know of any more songs used in trailers just ask

  • cibrian ghost

    cibrian ghost

    个月 前

    thank you I was trying to find it

  • Elliot Thompson

    Elliot Thompson

    个月 前

    Ain't our time to die of you were wondering

  • Jackson Carranza
    Jackson Carranza个月 前

    Why did I now just realize this but horizon is basically that rare adopted mother that literally loves everyone and everyone loves her back

  • Mathish Jeeva
    Mathish Jeeva个月 前

    Oui bébé à la quelle est belle bébé je t’aime mon coeur d’amour tu me boude tu me connais je te jure tu me connais pas bien mon amour je te fais qlq bisous 😚

  • Abdullah Ayyaz
    Abdullah Ayyaz个月 前

    I act like mirage. And hurison is my cousin

  • sheila andrews
    sheila andrews个月 前

    Pathfinder has a very good flying a don't now watch it's caller

  • Abdullah Ayyaz
    Abdullah Ayyaz个月 前

    WHAT ARE YOU INSANE! worse, I'm a bloody genius

  • J
    J个月 前

    Man I love Apex

  • fykykikfkl kkhkuik
    fykykikfkl kkhkuik个月 前

    Look at this poor soul "mirage" 2:54

  • mister wachizowski
    mister wachizowski个月 前

    Horizon is the best Switching to valk

  • Jcubed820
    Jcubed820个月 前

    Every trailer a poor octane is killed only you can donate to the cause.

  • Triplex Dubb
    Triplex Dubb个月 前

    Is it just me or was horizon a baddie in this one?

  • Mazen Khaled
    Mazen Khaled个月 前

    I have theory who shot and kill mirage every trailer he just kill mirgae clone mirage in fact isn't that stupid to die every time when he have decoy to trick people

  • Alexouille La Fripouille
    Alexouille La Fripouille个月 前

    For 4 month ago horizon is my main

  • Zgred Zgred15
    Zgred Zgred15个月 前

    Mirage's "smartphone" is an ultimate accelerant with something other on the screen

  • parzival
    parzival个月 前



    The best Launch Trailer of all time.

  • Aidan Cahill

    Aidan Cahill

    个月 前


  • Gabriel Johnson
    Gabriel Johnson个月 前

    Pathfinder always come in clutch

  • Evan Duckett
    Evan Duckett个月 前

    Beat season

  • Sgil97
    Sgil97个月 前

    Pathfinder jumping off the trident and grappling back on is cool except for the fact he shot the floor around the enemies I don’t blame him though, poor guy had to use an L-star

  • Aidan Cahill

    Aidan Cahill

    个月 前

    Yeah I was looking at it more closely and I don't know if any of the bullets hit. I agree though he was using the l star

  • Lucid Dreams༄
    Lucid Dreams༄个月 前

    I like how rampart and mirage went from looking for a rocket to trying to kill each other.

    SPICY MEAT个月 前

    give us offline bots and split screen in titanfall 2

  • AvanZ
    AvanZ个月 前

    so are these guys canonically like titan pilots or nah?

  • Georgedoesgames
    Georgedoesgames2 个月 前

    You gotta say one thing you can never make a trailer like Activision

  • chimera arts
    chimera arts2 个月 前

    i love horison's mannerisms and how the animators use her hand to characterise her as a scientist. i mean a bloody genius

  • ImaSquareBTW
    ImaSquareBTW2 个月 前

    That season have birth to the most broken thing in the game

  • Aidan Cahill

    Aidan Cahill

    个月 前

    Which is? Do you mean horizon?

  • BlockOfWood
    BlockOfWood2 个月 前

    videos not old enough, comment section doesn't have enough memes

  • DartSurge
    DartSurge2 个月 前

    Pathfinder coming and stalking your chat but still saves you.

  • Sir Williams
    Sir Williams2 个月 前


  • Jorge Velasco
    Jorge Velasco2 个月 前