Apex Legends Lost Treasures Collection Event Trailer


Take on the “Armed and Dangerous Evolved” limited-time mode, discover the new Crypto Town Takeover, and unlock up to 24 exclusive items! x.ea.com/63549

Find what you’re searching for in the Lost Treasures Collection Event. In the new “Armed and Dangerous Evolved” LTM it's snipers, shotguns & Evo Armor only, with no Respawn Beacons. Instead, you'll be able to revive your fallen teammates with a new item: the Mobile Respawn Beacon. You’ll start each match with one in your inventory, so choose wisely when and where to deploy it. Complete challenges and visit the store to unlock up to 24 exclusive items. Journey to the new Crypto Town Takeover to take advantage of the all-seeing Holographic World Map. Complete the collection to call yourself a champ and unlock the new Mirage Heirloom. Happy hunting, Legends!
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC.
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  • Slothgamerwill
    Slothgamerwill26 天 前

    the fact that the mastiff made a peacekeeper sound when pathfinder shot through the window at 40 seconds in

  • Burger- Fortnite
    Burger- Fortnite个月 前

    I just realized after the second time watching this it sounded familiar and it was it was the opening to the launch trailer aka season 0

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez2 个月 前

    finally apex includes respawn in there trailers

  • La piec a shite
    La piec a shite2 个月 前

    Are skins and other things like challenges, game modes and music capable of coming back??

  • discount.elonmusk


    20 天 前

    @La piec a shite music packs will only come back if its a special holiday like Christmas or Halloween. Skins will only come back if they are lore, bundle, or a recolor like this new event

  • xRxvenge


    个月 前

    @La piec a shite i dont know about that.

  • La piec a shite

    La piec a shite

    个月 前

    @xRxvenge good. I hate to ask but any chance the music pack will return with some skins

  • xRxvenge


    2 个月 前

    Yes but only some

  • giannikoulas
    giannikoulas2 个月 前

    This is nostalgic two seasons after for some reason. I remember doing the quest to be the champion... So many memories playing this awesome game

  • xRxvenge


    2 个月 前

    Up till season 4 was the best. Season 5 was the best after them cuz they took pk away

  • Alpha_- Biel
    Alpha_- Biel3 个月 前

    because you don’t launch keyboard and mouse support on Apex Legends on consoles, many people end up breaking the buttons and the analog sticks on the controller and this makes it too difficult to play if you launch mouse and keyboard support it would help a lot

  • discount.elonmusk


    20 天 前

    You realize key board and mouse has a lot of advantages right? So playing against a controller player would be unfair

  • names yeet, mr yeet
    names yeet, mr yeet3 个月 前

    I love rewatching this over and over

  • Tohsty
    Tohsty3 个月 前

    0:56 Four months later and I only just heard this lol

  • Akarui Sky
    Akarui Sky3 个月 前

    Why respawn, kill off Wattson at the beginning in a cute skin why?

  • Mystical Gamer3
    Mystical Gamer34 个月 前

    be careful she's watching you, WHO

  • Elijah Mangure
    Elijah Mangure4 个月 前


  • Elijah Mangure
    Elijah Mangure4 个月 前


  • Elijah Mangure
    Elijah Mangure4 个月 前


  • Elijah Mangure
    Elijah Mangure4 个月 前


  • Elijah Mangure
    Elijah Mangure4 个月 前


  • car men

    car men

    2 个月 前

    They bing the skins later and new skin re colour

  • DailyDoseofStim
    DailyDoseofStim4 个月 前

    This is why season 5 was the best

  • JoanXXX
    JoanXXX4 个月 前


  • Elijahpro
    Elijahpro4 个月 前

    hey ea please pin this My idea of a good Sims 5 recipe is -Sims 1 design philosophy and passion -Sims 2 detailed functionality -Sims 3 open world & world activities -Sims 4 multitasking & routing mechanics -Brand new 64-bit game engine

  • pilkers2


    4 个月 前


  • Solo Gamer
    Solo Gamer4 个月 前

    Sólo les pido que arreglen los servidores en centro América son un m

  • 4mula_Spadez
    4mula_Spadez4 个月 前


  • pilkers2


    4 个月 前

    But respawn doesn’t

  • yolo
    yolo4 个月 前


  • meth head
    meth head4 个月 前

    0:41 anyone else realize the mastiff had a peacekeeper sound effect right there?

  • Alejandro Neris
    Alejandro Neris4 个月 前

    The only thing i love about this event is the pathfinder's skin and Mirage's hairloom

  • are u winning son?
    are u winning son?4 个月 前

    Why doe sthe mastiff have a the sound of the pk 0:39 😂

  • FlintGlint
    FlintGlint4 个月 前

    Who is here after the new event trailer came out?

  • Shrödinger's cat
    Shrödinger's cat5 个月 前

    Who's here before the aftermarket trailer lol

  • Itz Devs
    Itz Devs5 个月 前

    I can’t believe this was 3 months ago time flies isn’t it

  • Al
    Al5 个月 前

    Will this come back

  • TheOnlyQueb90s


    4 个月 前


  • Elijah Mangure

    Elijah Mangure

    4 个月 前

    @TheOnlyQueb90s they might dipshit the brought back grand sworrie

  • TheOnlyQueb90s


    4 个月 前

    @Elijah Mangure stupid they are not bringing back events

  • Elijah Mangure

    Elijah Mangure

    4 个月 前

    it might

  • Elijah Mangure

    Elijah Mangure

    4 个月 前

    @TheOnlyQueb90s no it might

  • Bryson Evans
    Bryson Evans5 个月 前

    0:42 the mastiff has a peacekeeper sound lol

  • ItsEds7
    ItsEds75 个月 前

    This was 3 moths ago already that was quick

  • Carlos
    Carlos5 个月 前


  • Jeb Froaklen

    Jeb Froaklen

    4 个月 前

    @Ф honey ф go back in the kitchen

  • Ф honey ф

    Ф honey ф

    5 个月 前

    shut up

    SNAZ86ERS J5 个月 前

    Dear apex , How the hell is there skill basked match making but my team mates are retarded or have no awareness of the game or plays ???!! Please fix , along side the fact that your company is coming off like an extra for Sméagol in lord of the rings , the way you got return skins and nothing new coming out content wise but happy to get money for skins or make o g plays pay 230 bucks aus to get an air loom .. yeah you fixed it with the introduction of shards but why make us pay that kind of money ! then bring back the skins .. (HALLOWEEN.. come on, bring new HALLOWEEN SKINS!! ) doesn’t make it worth it , if every dick Tom And Harry have it .. Look in the mirror and have a look at your company ( organisation ) what are you doing ? One last thing you don’t introduce a new map because you wanted it to be Perfect no bugs ect .. but every game map , mode , character , gun or game has a bug ! Clearly seen through out the same Old maps of season 6, you could of brought it out and no one would care we all committed all ready to the game we love it we just want more content ! I Ps I love this game I just want it to be better !! Hands down best movement , best characters , best map and ideology MAKE APEX GREAT AGAIN rip too all my homies who gave the game up , hopefully the ball will spin once again and I’ll get to play with them on apex soon. 💚

  • Алексей Фреймер
    Алексей Фреймер5 个月 前

    Titanfall 2-the best shooter

  • Al
    Al5 个月 前

    Is this comeing back

  • The Pale King
    The Pale King5 个月 前

    Bruh the mastiff sounded like a peace keeper

  • Noisy9gameplayer
    Noisy9gameplayer5 个月 前

    I constantly play apex and record on the channel, come in, it would be interesting to hear from you to add to the channel!

  • Melvin
    Melvin5 个月 前

    Bring back the r99 pls

  • Aquela Wattson da festa do Mirage

    Aquela Wattson da festa do Mirage

    3 个月 前

    Really happen

  • FinnTheNerfer
    FinnTheNerfer5 个月 前

    The Epicness of These trailers is something Fortnite cant copy.

  • Kodo Syko
    Kodo Syko5 个月 前

    apex we need new event

  • Tm.Invasion
    Tm.Invasion5 个月 前

    I just realized Apex Legends has more subscribers than EA 😂

  • Alper Rzazade
    Alper Rzazade5 个月 前

    Wasted 150 dollars ea

  • Crystalxamber
    Crystalxamber6 个月 前

    When will armed and dangerous evolved come back :( also I think you should make it easier to get and heirloom it’s quite unfair and I’ve been trying to get one for ages now and because it’s so rare I don’t think I’ll ever get one

  • IPlayTitanfall2 so
    IPlayTitanfall2 so6 个月 前

    1:28 looks like there are shaders

  • Elven Ranger
    Elven Ranger6 个月 前

    I love the Revenant skin, it puts off Iron Maiden vibes.

  • champmajid
    champmajid6 个月 前

    Cool 😇

  • lily li
    lily li6 个月 前

    Map: good Graphics: good Story: good But sounds like a Netflix adaptation...

  • Егор Парнюгин
    Егор Парнюгин6 个月 前

    #ЕгорПарюгин x #ApexLegends #ApexSeason7

  • Garath Whalam
    Garath Whalam6 个月 前

    I'm only subscribed to this for when they announce titan fall 3

  • Lil Snake
    Lil Snake6 个月 前

    Lol crypto growed a mustaces in 1 day.

  • xRxvenge


    6 个月 前

    Its grew not growed

  • Kahlani Murphy
    Kahlani Murphy6 个月 前

    Omg, I hate Crypto's voice so much

  • Winson Wen
    Winson Wen6 个月 前


  • Sergio Paredes Ramos
    Sergio Paredes Ramos6 个月 前

    Buenas noches. mi cuenta de EA no me deja jugar a nfs heat online no consigo contactar con nadie atraves del servicio de atencion al cliente porfavor RESPONDAN LLEVO 4 MESES ASI.

  • It’sjust Bryan
    It’sjust Bryan6 个月 前

    As you can see you can hear a peace keeper shot 0:38

  • Ansh Vatsa
    Ansh Vatsa6 个月 前

    She will change the game hopefully👍

  • Space Age Shakespeare
    Space Age Shakespeare6 个月 前

    What song is that playing in this trailer? It doesn't sound like it's in the Event music pack 🤔

  • Lucas FenixXD
    Lucas FenixXD6 个月 前

    1:37 its mila?

  • Ashyboi
    Ashyboi6 个月 前

    Can we talk about how Crypto uses his ultimate and doesnt get hurt? I hope Respawn remembers that when season 6 comes out

  • Delta
    Delta6 个月 前

    I'm sad that we only got one event this season :( EA needs to hire more people to help the Respawn team with events, bug patches and with new content in general instead of over working them

  • Duckylol
    Duckylol6 个月 前

    When Pathfinder shot the mastiff in the beginning, it played the sound for a peace keeper

  • Valentin Szalay
    Valentin Szalay6 个月 前


  • The whale
    The whale6 个月 前

    For some reason, Caustic always beats Pathfinder in every trailer

  • Gandhicurry
    Gandhicurry6 个月 前

    Anyone notice how they shoot his drone mid emp

  • brayan finch
    brayan finch6 个月 前

    Subí video de Apex anda a verlo , ojalas te guste m.cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/o6GdnrqZh5a3umk.html

  • Klutch Kast
    Klutch Kast6 个月 前


  • Scp939akadoggo Good doggo
    Scp939akadoggo Good doggo6 个月 前

    I like apex but give me fu*king titanfall 3 now!

  • SunnyArcade


    6 个月 前

    They've already said it won't be a thing

  • keaceepeeker 15
    keaceepeeker 156 个月 前

    Everybody gangsta till pathfinder shoot mastiff with peacekeeper sound(0:42)

  • VOE Elknegin
    VOE Elknegin6 个月 前

    See yall in a few days for the next event 😁

  • ItssScourge
    ItssScourge6 个月 前

    I wish I got the lifeline skin



  • Jijiujiu
    Jijiujiu6 个月 前

    How about a mechanic where when you are out of ammo you can throw your weapon at opponent with stagger damage (weapon breaks after throw *if hit)

  • Eddie Reis
    Eddie Reis6 个月 前

    Im waiting for this new nap...why yall taking so long.

  • Eoghan Campbell

    Eoghan Campbell

    6 个月 前

    Hmmmmm I don’t know maybe because they are in fucking quarantine and a he amount of content for season 6 is insane and proves how hard the devs are working

  • Jonathan Bahena
    Jonathan Bahena6 个月 前

    Devs die or something ? Cause this game did...

  • sudha bhatt

    sudha bhatt

    6 个月 前

    Ooohhhh....... Nice joke

  • Gwjf
    Gwjf6 个月 前

    Repawn kev the king made cards of apex can u check him out and maybe think about making it

  • Cassimila
    Cassimila6 个月 前


  • i Lazyy
    i Lazyy6 个月 前

    This game is the only reason ea is still alive

  • Major MFR
    Major MFR6 个月 前

    FInish the fucking sunset theme from your game its so annoying and its too much now

  • HerCooKie m
    HerCooKie m6 个月 前

    No me dio tiempo ni de llegar a la p2020 :'( tuve que salir de mi casa F

  • Da zomboi
    Da zomboi6 个月 前

    Is this kinda a fortnite knockoff

  • lifeline.


    6 个月 前

    Da zomboi you’re so late lmao. And no apex is unique. Also fortnite wasn’t the first battle royal game lo a

  • SunnyArcade


    6 个月 前

    The only similarities between apex and fortnite is stuff that fortnite stole from it so no

  • Sqlima
    Sqlima6 个月 前

    Hey, Ive played apex since the gecko. Over the past seasons going in to some what more serious ranked ocassions ive experienced some major issues with this game i do ender and spent hours upon hours trying to master and grind with friends. Creating a twitter account and translating every word from my main language is well worth the time of i can get some answers from the devs on what they are looking to do with what i ser as major problems with the game and where its at. In cuting to the case.. 1. Audio.. Audio in this game is in many ways a great and smooth experience as a player i must say. However major issues comes to steps and caracter movment, as in ziplines ect. I find myselfe in verius of encounters rundning in ti the enemy squad Around a conner and i can tell that no one had a clue we where gonna encounter from 3 m away In my opinion comeing from games like pubg cs valorant ect is absolut undervelming please take that into consideration. 2. Anticheet?! Im fomillier with the way i can report players into the devs for a envestigation after getting run over of a person that desided to download Cheep or fred cheats. But what are you doing to stop this?! Ive been i brunch of lobbies encontering the same ppl that clearly cheeting getting nothing but 20 headshot kills over and over again in lobbies, and to and its lobbies that high dia-master. When a cheeter get banned and creats a new account they just going to continue? Ofc they are cuz all you do is removeing the account / the possibillity to pakt in that specific account.. I uderstand its a hard way to keep up with all the ppl desideing to braks the rules but There is ways you can atleest present this Today you need a account to be lvl 10 to be able to play in the ranked series. How about you up that to atleest 50-100? I know it sounds alot but 1-10 takes a few hours and the cheater is out there again destroying the ranked/competitve community you Built. 3. Last but not least Diamond 3 ealo hell. Comeing from plat 4 - dia 3 is basicly the same skill cap mid season. As soon as you hit dia3 theres a Wall of lobbies and lobbies upon masters and apex predators waiting to great you. There is alsow a que timer for atleest 5min / game. Why did you End up puting ealo hell There? If you put the mmr spikes at dia1 that makes more sense. I do understand ppl thats in masters and pred is a small procent and you realy have to earn your spot. But boosting the limit to D1 instegs of D3 is going to help more ppl get up in ranks more ppl going to go upp and challange thees good players in dia 1-pred and the lobbies are for sure bor going to be 5 min long. I do realy love to the and where its going but thees things are in my opinion some major issues that player upon player as i stumble upon keep on mentioning.. If i chould get some respons on this whats your plan and im sure you herd all this befaure but it whould for me as a long term player give me some calm on that i know im in good hands with the devs developing the game that i love.. Peace // sqlima

  • The Dead Moneys
    The Dead Moneys6 个月 前

    Please ad solos

  • Alexandre Caxito
    Alexandre Caxito6 个月 前

    Suggestion: Bat tleField or BattleFront Star Wars, for Mobile; it would be fantastic, and compete with COD Mobile. Thank you

  • Rimuru Mikami
    Rimuru Mikami6 个月 前

    Buff pathfinder please

  • s a r i m m
    s a r i m m6 个月 前

    anyone here after mrbeasts video?

  • Zubair SHERAZ

    Zubair SHERAZ

    6 个月 前


  • Star Wars Clips
    Star Wars Clips7 个月 前

    can you please add solos?? i hate teamates

  • Dizer


    6 个月 前


  • The Dead Moneys
    The Dead Moneys7 个月 前

    Me befor I got mirage I freaking suck me with mirage am champ an champion

  • Luke Porcaro
    Luke Porcaro7 个月 前

    man i wanted that marbled wraith skin so bad.

  • cooper oshima
    cooper oshima7 个月 前

    It was thinking of an alternate tactical or passivefor loba where she can look at someone and be able steal one or two level one attachments OR be able to take a certain amount of random items like grenades or healables

  • kratos war
    kratos war7 个月 前

    Season 5 the worst season i've ever played, the ridiculous and absurd buff to lifeline creates a frustrating gaming experience, with your fucking business model buff and nerf legends soon the servers will be empty. for my part I already uninstalled your filthy game.

  • Benni Anders
    Benni Anders7 个月 前

    next season "Duo Rank" .... and everything is perfect dudes

  • Eoghan Campbell

    Eoghan Campbell

    6 个月 前

    All I want is is for them to put devo in the care package and it will b the best season yet

  • 蒋福
    蒋福7 个月 前

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  • dylan hurley
    dylan hurley7 个月 前

    Where’s the apex mobile leakes

  • Matapex Esteban Gonzalez
    Matapex Esteban Gonzalez7 个月 前


  • Silas de Melo
    Silas de Melo7 个月 前

    Channel me plaese

  • maxi m
    maxi m7 个月 前

    0:57 WFT that triple take

  • Isra


    6 个月 前

    For an odd reason he’s holding a double take from titan fall

  • Alexander Huvard
    Alexander Huvard7 个月 前

    I think a good buff for path to make up for his nurfs is to make it so he grapples faster

  • CrazyKittyGamez
    CrazyKittyGamez7 个月 前


  • Captain N
    Captain N7 个月 前

    Id love to play this but my accounts invalid. Thanks for the non help with that by the way. Wish I could play your game and spend money on it but I guess thats not what you want.

  • Neutron
    Neutron7 个月 前

    mr beast riddle anyone?

  • Pietro Chiappa
    Pietro Chiappa7 个月 前

    With this trailer i broke my Phone lel

  • Sebastian Salas
    Sebastian Salas7 个月 前

    0:56 Path is holding a double take, a titanfall weapon

  • Aquic Andaquak

    Aquic Andaquak

    6 个月 前

    @LizTaylor BlackDogBear no, the legendary skin has three holes

  • LizTaylor BlackDogBear

    LizTaylor BlackDogBear

    6 个月 前

    That's just a triple take with that legendary skin and the 4-10 sniper optic