Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Fight Night”


Whatever Pathfinder was built for, it wasn’t waiting tables. Go on a dangerous search for answers with your favorite MRVN. But pick your fights carefully - not everyone makes it twelve rounds.

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  • drawing.dreams _ jpeg
    drawing.dreams _ jpeg2 分钟 前

    Pathfinder is just so cute I love him so much

  • Cj Makinaw
    Cj Makinaw小时 前

    Why did he have to die 😭😭😭😭

  • Youtube Emperor of Mankind
    Youtube Emperor of Mankind2 小时 前

    This game looks like it should have an amazing, epic single player campaign.. just like that other game.-. OVerwatch

  • Juwyie Bonzhur
    Juwyie Bonzhur4 小时 前

    I just noticed that the city they're in is right under Olympus, so imagine Pathfinder dropping and meeting his old friend

  • Carbodude
    Carbodude4 小时 前

    Unlike Gearbox, Respawn knows how to make their "annoying" robot a surprisingly deep character.

  • José Mendes
    José Mendes7 小时 前

    Sweet to Fear

  • Matija Božović
    Matija Božović10 小时 前


  • samirnum1 YT
    samirnum1 YT12 小时 前

    Me: Apex we want movie Apex: "How about *Short Films*"

  • chillflame
    chillflame12 小时 前

    My favorite is the robot.

  • DespacitoDaniel
    DespacitoDaniel14 小时 前

    Who knew our little pathfinder who we tought was just a funny grappling robot bot. Was actually important for the entire planet.

  • YupThatsE
    YupThatsE16 小时 前

    Where the hell is the pathfinder in a trench coat skin?

  • C W G 26
    C W G 2618 小时 前

    I fucking love pathfinder is quips are the best

  • Duncan K
    Duncan K20 小时 前

    Yessss, more on my path boi!

  • Mebrar Kersin
    Mebrar Kersin21 小时 前

    Oh good,Security! *5 secs later* Oh no,Security! Pathfinder2020

  • pepe the frog
    pepe the frog21 小时 前

    Fun fact pathfinder was saw revenant killed lobas family and was a weather reporter when titanfall 2 takes place

  • Skelly Elijah
    Skelly Elijah22 小时 前

    Yo call duty zombie actor in Apex legends that’s so cool

  • Hesham Bn Nasr
    Hesham Bn Nasr天 前

    We need series of apex legends

  • Wojtek Lenartowicz
    Wojtek Lenartowicz天 前

    Path is always so happy it's so adorable

  • Minatelo Vagbro
    Minatelo Vagbro天 前

    5:40 its olympus teaseee

  • Recon_ 556
    Recon_ 556天 前

    Are we juat gonna ignore that the evil dectective sounds like Dempsey from zombies

  • ببغاء الملك
    ببغاء الملك天 前

    I want a detective pathfinder rn

  • Lennard Klaus
    Lennard Klaus2 天 前


  • Eagle-Eye2015
    Eagle-Eye20152 天 前

    The amount of lore behind this game makes me want a movie or even a campaign somehow

  • Zachary Dostart
    Zachary Dostart2 天 前

    that is why caustic hates pathfinder

  • Itzz Ayooo
    Itzz Ayooo3 天 前

    I swear Nox is voiced by the same guy who voices Tank Dempsey from Zombies

  • White gunner
    White gunner3 天 前


  • Benjamin Fuiava
    Benjamin Fuiava3 天 前

    What if the black guy and pathfinder reunite because if caustic is still alive then that means he might still be alive

  • Benjamin Fuiava
    Benjamin Fuiava3 天 前

    0:22 if u pause it fast enough then u will see the black guy with the white dude rev killed on cam

  • NICO
    NICO3 天 前


  • Jeremy Longmire
    Jeremy Longmire3 天 前

    Is that is that Dempsey

  • Ștefan Zdrahus
    Ștefan Zdrahus3 天 前

    Can someone please explain the context of this video?

  • Xerxiii
    Xerxiii4 天 前

    “Oh no friend!” 😂😭

  • Jake
    Jake4 天 前

    “Update on typhon weather”

  • Northmite 05
    Northmite 054 天 前

    I just realized that the Lieutenant voice actor also voiced the brother of Javier in the walking dead season 3 tell tale game so this brings a whole new meaning 😞

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh4 天 前

    Damn this made me sad

  • The burst
    The burst4 天 前

    Isn’t that one guy the same actor that voices Dempsey in cod

  • Derpy Blix
    Derpy Blix4 天 前

    The mob boss has tank Dempsey voice actor

  • Reuben Chan
    Reuben Chan4 天 前

    I only just realized that (at 2:05) you can see Maldera run into the room just as Caustic grapples out

  • The Anti K-Pop Community

    The Anti K-Pop Community

    天 前

    Finally a unique detail

  • Juan Galeana
    Juan Galeana4 天 前

    2:19 is that revenant!? You're telling me that path was there!?

  • Crazed Banette
    Crazed Banette4 天 前

    Pathfinder is so pure

  • Jonathan Baez
    Jonathan Baez5 天 前


  • Andrei Cretu
    Andrei Cretu5 天 前

    Poor pathfinder :(

  • Charlie Howard
    Charlie Howard5 天 前

    I hope Maldera will be a legend someday.

  • Monkey Explorer
    Monkey Explorer5 天 前

    Need this detective pathfinder skin

  • Chesquik
    Chesquik5 天 前

    who’s here after Pathfinder’s Quest chapter 11

  • Grimzzy
    Grimzzy5 天 前

    This gave path more of a character

  • Cole Mabro
    Cole Mabro5 天 前

    Pls make this a free music pack i love the jazzy mafia music

  • Cleo Mullins
    Cleo Mullins5 天 前


  • Cleo Mullins
    Cleo Mullins5 天 前


  • Dripy Man
    Dripy Man5 天 前

    hey apex how about yk adding cross save :D

  • Ginger Bentley
    Ginger Bentley5 天 前

    Oh No FrAeNd

  • russian pooch
    russian pooch6 天 前


  • Trey Mitchell
    Trey Mitchell6 天 前

    Hey APEX I found a season 4 Easter egg path vision

  • Ethan da Stereo
    Ethan da Stereo6 天 前

    6:06 he brought a tear to my eye

  • The Toilet Demon
    The Toilet Demon6 天 前

    yeah I think we found part of Pathfinders backstory

  • The Rugged_ Basis
    The Rugged_ Basis6 天 前

    I never heard pathfinder cuss

  • Consequence No. 62
    Consequence No. 626 天 前

    Pathfinder is so friendly I love him.

  • salt • 15 years ago
    salt • 15 years ago6 天 前

    The music gets me every time

  • TheQuatum
    TheQuatum6 天 前

    Pathfinder and Maldera need their own games

  • clonial gage
    clonial gage6 天 前

    They Shou make an apex a show this was actually good

  • KODA 1577
    KODA 15776 天 前

    Pathfinder is so wholesome

  • Lucky Blocking
    Lucky Blocking7 天 前

    just fight night it a little bite sus

  • Marlo XL
    Marlo XL7 天 前

    It's all about controle

    JACKSON7 天 前

    It that forge becaus revenant kill

  • Josue Lorenzo
    Josue Lorenzo7 天 前

    How does pathfinder survive tho

  • ItsContentTime
    ItsContentTime7 天 前

    5:30 the music goes with the punches

  • Vailish
    Vailish7 天 前

    They need to add that raincoat outfit to the game

  • sudha bhatt

    sudha bhatt

    7 天 前

    it is there. Just slightly modified

  • Ded Skel
    Ded Skel7 天 前

    pathfinder is like im totally out of what people think

  • Shifty
    Shifty7 天 前

    i need a pathfinder noir skin now

  • jaxkson
    jaxkson7 天 前


  • YF Gaming
    YF Gaming8 天 前

    Pathfinder is dodging in the fist fight

  • Alex Anderson
    Alex Anderson8 天 前

    shadows of evil vibes

  • CatFor Games
    CatFor Games8 天 前

    Ea fucking fix your bs servers

  • YF Gaming
    YF Gaming8 天 前

    I’m your 2 million sub

  • Nallely Cazares
    Nallely Cazares8 天 前

    Que trash trash

  • Oski Moss
    Oski Moss8 天 前

    5:24 pathfinder said pow haha without gloves Bare fists and boxing did respawn make a tf2 reference

  • Shadyturtle Lord
    Shadyturtle Lord8 天 前

    Can we get that pathfinder skin in apex

  • Overturned Cow0
    Overturned Cow08 天 前

    I wonder what a AAA Apex movie would look like?

  • Lamo Lamoo
    Lamo Lamoo8 天 前

    Just make a story mode already please

  • Gear
    Gear8 天 前

    Finally my main gets a backstory

  • Conor O connell
    Conor O connell8 天 前

    Yeah so pathfinders friend in this is 100% going to be added to to kill caustic

  • orion p
    orion p8 天 前

    Why couldnt steve blum be the good guy lol

  • CJ The GTA guy
    CJ The GTA guy8 天 前

    I don’t play Alex put that was cool

  • Duyen Do
    Duyen Do8 天 前

    Poor guy

  • Evoblade
    Evoblade8 天 前

    Piss of skylander

  • PolyPython
    PolyPython8 天 前

    I really want this Victor Maldera as a Legend in Apex, especially sense he’s trying to hunt down Dr. Nox/Caustic. It would only makes sense he would join the games to keep a close eye on him to get the evidence that he’s Dr. Nox. The voicelines between him and Pathfinder would also be great.

  • Tanner Sobczak
    Tanner Sobczak9 天 前

    At 3:05 that really sounds like Dempsey from call of duty zombies. Ring a bell anyone??

  • Matt Kullmar
    Matt Kullmar9 天 前

    Need to make mastiff a legendary again and your game is amazing!

  • The One And Only
    The One And Only9 天 前

    This proves that pathfinder can't be killed

  • Riener Braun
    Riener Braun9 天 前

    2:19 renevants backstory path finder was there

  • Baby yoda
    Baby yoda9 天 前

    Why does someone sound like tank Dempsey from cod

  • gamerclips guy3472
    gamerclips guy34729 天 前

    Fun fact: these specters are weeker and cheaper versions from titanfall 1 proving that pathfinder was made during the militia war and most likely before the militia started to phase out the original trio titans.

  • leroy 2404
    leroy 24049 天 前

    Tbh I was hopeful that the security dude would be in the game bit its whatever if they ever add him I'd totally play as him and pathfinder

  • Your Local Engineer
    Your Local Engineer9 天 前

    At least your not blowing shit up again

  • El Reino ArKadico
    El Reino ArKadico9 天 前

    Poor pathfinder just wants to find his mammy 😢

  • Shift _Impulse
    Shift _Impulse9 天 前

    “Oh...” -Pathfinder

  • Well Rested
    Well Rested9 天 前

    At 2:19 you see revenant

  • John R
    John R9 天 前

    I want the ex cop to be a legend 😥

  • Dumz
    Dumz10 天 前

    Now I’m a path main

  • xTrue Mu
    xTrue Mu10 天 前

    Bro why can't this be longer, this has to be the best one yet