Apex Legends - Legacy Launch Trailer


There’s nowhere to hide this season, Legends. Ready to find out if you’re predator or prey? Discover your true nature when Apex Legends - Legacy launches May 4!
Valkyrie, daughter of notorious Titan Pilot Viper joins the Games. Take advantage of her jetpack to own the sky and rain missiles down on your foes. Master the new high-precision Bocek Bow to skewer your opponents and drop into an Olympus mysteriously transformed. Plus grab the latest Battle Pass and prove yourself in Ranked.
And get ready to go beyond battle royale.
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin and Steam for PC.
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“Watch Me Now”
Performed by Tommee Profitt (feat. Beacon Light)


  • Yes
    Yes小时 前

    Love it if fuses tac really did that

  • Spark Rock
    Spark Rock3 小时 前

    1:03sec IMAGINE THIS AS A BUFF FOR WATTSON! When enemies com into range of her fences they come up and not allow people to pass through them for a short time. that would actually be nice!

  • Felix Felicis
    Felix Felicis8 小时 前

    Horizon : Hits 9 to Octane with peacekeeper. Also Horizon: All yours darlin'.

  • GuitarStrings01
    GuitarStrings018 小时 前

    StarCraft Medivac at the intro

  • Larry C
    Larry C8 小时 前


  • gaeybwoii
    gaeybwoii11 小时 前

    Why no titans though 😢

  • Zenkcom
    Zenkcom13 小时 前

    1:51 Wraith left Pathfinders banner in the previous trailer. They were both shocked to see him again.

  • Hamza Elamasy
    Hamza Elamasy14 小时 前

    Did anyone literally not even notice that when wraith says remember me? Its a reference to the launch trailer for apex? (P.s how i know i because i was reading comments)

  • ChrxsV2
    ChrxsV2天 前

    2:33 ig

  • Bone Man
    Bone Man天 前

    Love the call backs to the og team from one of the first trailers and the caustic wraith fight from one of them

  • fgteevfan and trunoomfan and Zylbradfan
    fgteevfan and trunoomfan and Zylbradfan天 前

    I love this season and video and I like the part valkyrie shoot the missiles

  • fgteevfan and trunoomfan and Zylbradfan

    fgteevfan and trunoomfan and Zylbradfan

    天 前

    And I like zylbrad I hope I can play with him sometime and trunoom

  • Andrew Gregarick
    Andrew Gregarick天 前

    Love the throwback to the original trios squad from the Season 1 trailer!! The Wraith, Mirage, and Pathfinder trio haha


    Ash is alive

  • Ayoub Belhassane
    Ayoub Belhassane天 前


  • BTZGoblin
    BTZGoblin天 前

    This is so sick

  • Jakob Noll
    Jakob Noll天 前

    0:48 me after putting the cookbook in the women's sports section

  • Essex 37
    Essex 372 天 前

    I can get why TF2 players just want to _destory_ Valk. I don't play but even I think she's annoying af.

  • Altoids Aregood
    Altoids Aregood2 天 前

    I wish the game had this style ingame and not just the promos.

  • 0liver
    0liver2 天 前

    this sezon is so good

  • Feir
    Feir2 天 前

    I see the og squad is back aka mirage wraith and pathfinder

  • frazzledapplesVR
    frazzledapplesVR2 天 前

    that fuse has killed more that half the lobby at 2:18

  • frazzledapplesVR


    12 小时 前

    @Debil Man lol

  • Debil Man

    Debil Man

    2 天 前

    That's what happens when someone turns down Fuse's invite to his campfire singsong event

  • Willow Empleo
    Willow Empleo2 天 前

    Did gibby have low health cause valkyrie homing missile damage in the gam emakes no sense

  • Cameren Johnson
    Cameren Johnson2 天 前

    Fun fact: there are technically more female characters than male characters in apex

  • Korewa Korewa
    Korewa Korewa2 天 前

    why lifeline have shields if they removed it

  • Ethan Walker
    Ethan Walker2 天 前


  • tomisaqt
    tomisaqt3 天 前

    imagine if apex was like this valk would be op flying around squad wiping and cant be shot sheeesh

  • Foxdom
    Foxdom3 天 前

    1:49 getting hit with a robot just runs in the family

  • LWansperts
    LWansperts3 天 前

    Hey it’s ash from tf2

  • Alexouille La Fripouille
    Alexouille La Fripouille3 天 前

    Mirage is the funniest legend in the game

  • spiderpizza


    3 天 前

    Watch meeeee nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Toy Ops
    Toy Ops3 天 前


  • otaku x
    otaku x3 天 前

    0:40 ill put right here

  • Mohsan Elagouri
    Mohsan Elagouri3 天 前

    PSN Mohsan_El-agouri

  • SantiProGamerYT12
    SantiProGamerYT123 天 前

    1:48 pathfinder to the rescue

  • Lift Guy Lomax
    Lift Guy Lomax3 天 前

    Bout time you brought out a fix for these pathetic servers, a week since update and nothing

  • Elijah El-Amin
    Elijah El-Amin3 天 前

    I love seeing Mirage, Wraith, and Pathfinder together. Idk why they’re just the best Trio

  • Joshua Lacle
    Joshua Lacle3 天 前

    She shot while flying, she cheating bro


    Omfg my brain is exploding with titanfall

  • Perisos 3
    Perisos 34 天 前

    I miss old trailers art style

  • Vesteria_fan
    Vesteria_fan4 天 前

    Bro no wonder it had so low graphic it's in testing ory iBuyPower PC is just bad

  • NinjaFox1197
    NinjaFox11974 天 前

    Loba with those slick moved

  • Slender Man
    Slender Man4 天 前

    Let’s be honest, octane is fun af to watch

  • Charles Y
    Charles Y4 天 前

    Trash game

  • Marc Jaden Perez

    Marc Jaden Perez

    3 天 前

    @Charles Y I don't get what you're trying to say.

  • Charles Y

    Charles Y

    3 天 前

    Why ask why

  • Marc Jaden Perez

    Marc Jaden Perez

    3 天 前

    Stop spamming please. If it's a bad game why did you go out of your way to come here and comment this?

  • Oscar Muniz
    Oscar Muniz4 天 前

    I knew valks helmet looked familiar

  • Sore Lxzr
    Sore Lxzr4 天 前

    0:49 me when I get all fs on my report card and my mom sees it

  • Jibs G
    Jibs G4 天 前

    Where is rampart?

  • Ryan Mello

    Ryan Mello

    4 天 前

    0:46 shotting her turret

  • Mentionplum
    Mentionplum4 天 前

    I swear rather mirage or octane die horrible deaths

  • Kingnate0821 Gratis
    Kingnate0821 Gratis4 天 前

    She look like the person from overwatch

  • ShotZ Clan
    ShotZ Clan4 天 前

    One of the best seasons in my opinion

  • NightlyFire
    NightlyFire4 天 前

    2:04 As a horizon main That has to be the dumbest thing horizon has done so far

  • PGReddd d
    PGReddd d4 天 前

    best trailer out of all of them definitely

  • Elliot Hwang
    Elliot Hwang5 天 前

    looks like pharah but apex

  • HANT2
    HANT25 天 前

    they fly now? i guess they fly now

  • aBigButterStick
    aBigButterStick5 天 前

    1:07 Maybe Wattson will have an actual parent figure that doesn't betray her...

  • Andre Harris
    Andre Harris5 天 前

    if you pause it at the right moment, you'll see that the kick from pathfinder bent loba's face

  • Andre Harris
    Andre Harris5 天 前

    how painful would a kick from a six foot two half tonne robot be? (pathfinder) 1:49

  • theboyz1983 yes im now 6
    theboyz1983 yes im now 65 天 前

    She got you in the pipes

  • Valkiryie / Vipers daughter
    Valkiryie / Vipers daughter5 天 前

    Fox 3 sending it home You can have the ground I own the sky

  • FlawlessPiner
    FlawlessPiner5 天 前

    1:39 i am Just Now noticing wraith's (cooler) vault over the crate

  • FlawlessPiner
    FlawlessPiner5 天 前

    2:38 Fuse Loses His Other Eye - 1440p

  • ASMOstark2434
    ASMOstark24345 天 前


  • Debil Man

    Debil Man

    2 天 前

    No, Respawn would sue the developers of apex legends if they used Ash

  • Kemalist Mehmet
    Kemalist Mehmet5 天 前

    Can Octane finally stop dying on every trailer possible?- (even tho this scene was pleasing)

  • Mouton Binoclard
    Mouton Binoclard5 天 前


    OG-BLK LUKII5 天 前

    Pls nerv the bow 😡

  • MrToasty Gaming
    MrToasty Gaming5 天 前

    Why bloodhound has to suffer every Gameplay or Cinematic Trailer EA MANNN

  • DumbNub
    DumbNub5 天 前

    "Tbh, were trying not to make titanfall 3"- a dev

  • Cl33n
    Cl33n5 天 前

    Caustic could’ve got the chance to say “Oh F-“

  • Rhiannon Umali
    Rhiannon Umali5 天 前

    Ngl Octane gets hotter every trailer

  • Meerhut XB1
    Meerhut XB15 天 前

    2:16 what is that

  • Meerhut XB1
    Meerhut XB15 天 前

    2:08 ew what is that and that crypto is t posing

  • Mister Suspicious
    Mister Suspicious6 天 前

    Man, this trailer does such a good job of getting the “feeling” of Octane’s movement. I love it.

  • fortzza
    fortzza6 天 前

    thumbs up

  • raunox
    raunox6 天 前

    season 9: what a let down. 48hrs of server downtime legends name changed from valk to valkyrie weapon changed from CAR to bocek bow valk’s ethnicity changed from norwegian to asian double jump tap-strafing and wallrunning banned

  • Supercharge 775
    Supercharge 7756 天 前

    I’m in the pipe 5 by 5.

  • Sergeant Dornan
    Sergeant Dornan6 天 前


  • jonathan strunkeit
    jonathan strunkeit6 天 前

    0:14 „im in the pipe, 5 by 5“ i miss viper

  • 社長のバナナ
    社長のバナナ6 天 前


  • springi łingi
    springi łingi6 天 前

    1: 27 remember me

  • Tatookiwi
    Tatookiwi6 天 前

    Esse trailer ficou simplismente PIKA

  • Oturei Sio
    Oturei Sio6 天 前

    Valkyrie is the new legend: Pathfinder: Am I a joke to you!??

  • Oliver Forrest
    Oliver Forrest6 天 前

    Another good cinematic battle. I hoping in there next one they have another focus squad cinematic, like the Official Launch, Battle Charge, Meltdown, and Ascension cinematics.

  • RhinoBlast386
    RhinoBlast3866 天 前


  • Tactical_Slime
    Tactical_Slime6 天 前

    Oh god the Viper boss fight PTSD is kicking in

  • Thunderbird C1958

    Thunderbird C1958

    3 天 前

    We do not speak his name, for it is cursed

  • Alan Ramos
    Alan Ramos6 天 前

    Have you video paused at 2:18 and it says he is an ego maniac

  • Fam FBI
    Fam FBI6 天 前

    2:34 Wait that’s illegal you can’t hold out weapons nor shoot them while flying

  • Freddy Cancel Jr
    Freddy Cancel Jr6 天 前

    Man they should make a apex movie it just looks dope

  • Calvin's Gaming!!
    Calvin's Gaming!!6 天 前

    Mirage is such a vibe

  • Soviet
    Soviet6 天 前

    Why can she shoot in the air here

  • James McMurtry
    James McMurtry6 天 前

    Did they fire the other animator I don’t like the new sort of animation

  • Marc Jaden Perez

    Marc Jaden Perez

    3 天 前

    Well the old style used lots of mocap. Which they can't do much of anymore. Logically speaking, this is better.

  • The little rockruff
    The little rockruff7 天 前

    nice to see ash and vipers daughter from titan fall

  • El Jariuso
    El Jariuso7 天 前

    Ash: its time to bring the legends at the moment where it all begun As I do remember at the place where it all started were titans, WHERE ARE THE TITANS RESPAWN ????!!!!

  • Vlado519
    Vlado5197 天 前

    The beats always dope 👌

  • Deezgotya •_•
    Deezgotya •_•7 天 前

    ASH WHAT THE HECK IS THAT YOU (also congratulations to Tommee profitt for making not one, not two, but THREE songs for apex legends. his songs for apex legends so far are “Watch me now” “I know your secrets” and “Only one king”. HE IS THE KING 👑

  • El Jariuso
    El Jariuso7 天 前

    If cooper would be legend would his passive would be wallrunning his tactical would be being invisible (like in campaign) but what would be his Ultimate ? Hmmmm I dont think it would be titan because titan would be too OP in Apex Legends

  • El Jariuso
    El Jariuso7 天 前

    I still more like revenant

  • Siddhartha Gupta
    Siddhartha Gupta7 天 前


  • Pepepapesz
    Pepepapesz7 天 前

    In intro: Wraith: Mirage really? In Game: All of the teammates, when i pick Mirage: MIRAGE??????? REALLY??????

  • Anomalous Whale
    Anomalous Whale7 天 前

    Though wasn’t octane stimmed, which should have made him able to run through the fence without being stunned?

  • Gregorio Bersamira
    Gregorio Bersamira7 天 前


  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese7 天 前

    Am I the only one who thinks the animation got worse

  • 빌런
    빌런7 天 前

    P2020 버프하라 너프는 심한거 아닌가 ㅠ 내 2020