Meet Valkyrie - Apex Legends Character Trailer


Meet Valkyrie, the ultimate wingman and a Legend who's poised to dominate the sky.
Daughter of notorious Titan Pilot Viper, Valkyrie lost her father at a young age. She inherited her father’s love of flight, but not his sense of duty. Except in one regard. She swore to kill the man who’d sent her father to die: his Faction Leader, Kuben Blisk. But when the moment came to pull the trigger, she hesitated -- he spoke of Viper with respect. And he challenged her to be better. Valkyrie shot him anyway, but she didn’t take his life. Just his invitation card to the Apex Games.
Valkyrie’s jetpack - forged from the remnant’s of Viper’s Northstar Titan - allows her to fly above the battlefield for a limited time. When it’s time to swoop in for the kill, she can unleash a swarm of missiles to damage and disorient her enemy. And if things get too hot she can employ her Ultimate - which allows her and her entire squad the ability to quickly reposition and find the next fight. Valkyrie enters the games with something to prove and ready to rain death down from on high.
There’s nowhere to hide this season, Legends. Ready to find out if you’re predator or prey? Discover your true nature when Apex Legends - Legacy launches May 4!
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.
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  • Ceebcer
    Ceebcer7 小时 前

    Ok let’s put Cooper in apex to put valk in her place

  • Teyora_Lacisa
    Teyora_Lacisa21 小时 前

    0:03 Jack Cooper

  • Ray Gin
    Ray Gin天 前

    So shes basically phara

  • forsaken Andrei
    forsaken Andrei天 前

    Plss put lifeline shield back like In season 1 plss

  • OctaneYT908
    OctaneYT908天 前


  • ZeroDeroRero
    ZeroDeroRero天 前

    Hey guys... She's classified as a *recon* legend

  • Senior Squidoo
    Senior Squidoo2 天 前

    Now we know Vipers last name.

  • Juan Cruz Castaño
    Juan Cruz Castaño3 天 前

    too bad i blew up his dad's head with a mastiff in titanfall 2

  • StaySic4Ever
    StaySic4Ever4 天 前

    Would be great to be able to toggle the passive flight jump.

  • Certifiednobody
    Certifiednobody4 天 前

    “Speed is life.”

  • Steve G
    Steve G4 天 前

    Viper 2.0

  • Xyeqyez
    Xyeqyez4 天 前

    The bocek is too powerful!! I'm the new player, and don't know how to deal with this thing.T_T

  • Charles Y
    Charles Y4 天 前

    Trash game

  • Someone who had a Dream
    Someone who had a Dream4 天 前

    No titants sadly

  • Matthew Mitchell
    Matthew Mitchell4 天 前


  • Matthew Mycroft
    Matthew Mycroft4 天 前

    listed all abilities but complet3ely skims over how she has 2 passives her wings and also the fact that when skydiving she pings all enemies in line of sight

  • Utaitai
    Utaitai4 天 前

    Valk outland stories : meh Valk ingame : cute as heck

  • Derpy Dino
    Derpy Dino5 天 前

    Nerf Valk

  • RoseArachnid
    RoseArachnid5 天 前

    Ok so now they got Pharah, good I wonder who’s next, maybe Heavy? Btw this is satire

  • Ree _ DV9
    Ree _ DV96 天 前

    Anybody looking to join a club can join mine "Based On Talent" (BOT)

  • raunox
    raunox6 天 前

    season 9: what a let down. 48hrs of server downtime legends name changed from valk to valkyrie weapon changed from CAR to bocek bow valk’s ethnicity changed from norwegian to asian double jump tap-strafing and wallrunning banned

  • Some dude Name
    Some dude Name6 天 前

    Please nerf her to death or remove her

  • GrandmasToes


    4 天 前

    @Some dude Name she is not op btw lol

  • Some dude Name

    Some dude Name

    4 天 前

    @GrandmasToes because evereything

  • GrandmasToes


    5 天 前

    wha- why?

  • X Amelia X

    X Amelia X

    5 天 前


  • Vernaborg Hyper 12
    Vernaborg Hyper 126 天 前

    Right, so Pharah?

  • Freakking God666
    Freakking God6666 天 前


  • Applepop Applerancher
    Applepop Applerancher6 天 前

    This is some new heights. Literally.

  • NIKOvbn
    NIKOvbn6 天 前

    Step 1. Obtain some Titan scrap 👍 Step 2. ??? Step 3. *D O M I N A T E* 👌

  • Grigorici Luca
    Grigorici Luca6 天 前

    Valkyrie is dumb she could rebuild northstar that could've been more efficient like who would win : a titan vs a pilot But...... It would've been broken in the game so ok

  • Johnny Gotti43
    Johnny Gotti436 天 前


  • Happyslayer9
    Happyslayer96 天 前

    I just got her and played her and she is op in both the arena and the royal

  • Alexander Song
    Alexander Song7 天 前


  • Kodoma Kun
    Kodoma Kun7 天 前

    Justice rains from above

  • Flame Pig
    Flame Pig7 天 前


  • More Lore Then There Seems
    More Lore Then There Seems7 天 前

    I am unhappy that Pathfinders pick rate has dropped to 1. Not 1%. One person.

  • REDSAGE_25
    REDSAGE_257 天 前


  • Graded_Pokemon
    Graded_Pokemon7 天 前

    Quick question, Can you explain to me why you allow "BLM" as a clan tag But you banned "WLM" ??? Do yall Hate White people??

  • Chance Davis
    Chance Davis7 天 前

    Valkyrie: "I'd make a great wingman. " Me: The gun or the person?

  • Styraxtwinblade
    Styraxtwinblade7 天 前

    She looks like a gundam type

  • George Whitman
    George Whitman7 天 前

    When missile swarm is available, "Viper's got a good tone"

  • Donny Jaya Laksmana
    Donny Jaya Laksmana7 天 前

    I'm kinda disappointed, Crypto still got his Korean accent, Octane still got his Spain (cmiiw), also Wattson and Horizon, but why Valkyrie doesnt have her Japanese accent? She could use some Japanese word like "Sayonara, sucker!" Or something like "Ja ne~" like, come on!

  • Donivenn
    Donivenn7 天 前

    Daughter of viper.... all Titian fall 2 players.. ha I killed her dad...

  • Softnumnums
    Softnumnums7 天 前

    All lives matter

  • Jacser Alvarezaviles
    Jacser Alvarezaviles7 天 前

    They should make that Bangalore can prone so she can have another unique ability

  • ostry dzik
    ostry dzik8 天 前

    Replace rocket shooting sound with viper s one

  • ostry dzik

    ostry dzik

    8 天 前

    And im waitnig to hear tf2 intro in s10 legend trailer

  • random user
    random user8 天 前

    Great start with season 9 with the server’s always being down it’s like it punishes you with for going afk in the main menu

  • Jamie
    Jamie8 天 前

    Almost makes me feel bad for mercilessly killing her dad Almost

  • Phat
    Phat8 天 前

    I absolutely LOVE her voicelines. As a huge flight sim nerd all if her callouts like "fox 3", "bandit", "splashed" etc make sence.

  • Mandalorian Man
    Mandalorian Man8 天 前

    I just figured she mocking blisk when shes better 0:24

  • Oli9fer
    Oli9fer8 天 前


  • Patrik the shitpost man
    Patrik the shitpost man8 天 前

    Desth rains from above

  • Malachi Charlemagne
    Malachi Charlemagne8 天 前

    Buff horizon

    BIGG WORM8 天 前

    Is using a mouse and keyboard on console without aim assist cheating??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Aquela Wattson da festa do Mirage
    Aquela Wattson da festa do Mirage8 天 前

    0:51 My favorite part

  • xbox player 1
    xbox player 18 天 前

    Is that cryptos sis

  • WolfOfMen
    WolfOfMen8 天 前


  • WolfOfMen
    WolfOfMen8 天 前

    Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.

  • New Gen
    New Gen8 天 前

    She is Balanced if she goes to high she can get destroyed

  • 現実逃避3丁目
    現実逃避3丁目8 天 前

    Where is Japanese accent

  • spooky man GD
    spooky man GD8 天 前

    Fix the servers please

  • Scott Hyland
    Scott Hyland8 天 前

    Ptsd or is that me?

  • wj頂呱呱
    wj頂呱呱8 天 前

    This game more and more cheater, but don't ban forever.

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi8 天 前

    Wraith : NoOo YOu CaNt jUsT LeAve mE :( Me : haha valk go zooommmm

  • BlaZe_
    BlaZe_8 天 前

    "Your journey ends here, Pilot. The skies belong to me. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide."

  • Mythix 101
    Mythix 1018 天 前

    This is totally titan fall 3

  • gioyu comi

    gioyu comi

    8 天 前

    valk finisher be like: nerf this buraohdsahsdo piwjd awd

  • Zkiller8740 - TheHillbillyFam
    Zkiller8740 - TheHillbillyFam8 天 前

    u think the medusa infection will spread to other parts of the map?

  • TTVbug 26
    TTVbug 268 天 前

    It's hard to believe we're on season 9 already

  • Notcool
    Notcool8 天 前

    reminds me of rance 01

  • Eanko
    Eanko8 天 前


  • D. A
    D. A8 天 前

    Pls nerf the prices for skins

    BEASTY .G9 天 前

    I have a love hate relationship with her

  • mr. Leopallo
    mr. Leopallo9 天 前

    For me valk don't need nerf and buff because: the VOTL is pretty slow, the missiles deal enough damage and the special ability is normal. She's balanced

  • Saber Hg

    Saber Hg

    8 天 前

    Very balanced. The thing thats annoying is when you use your ult then cancel it takes over 30% of it away

  • DJuice-Brawl stars
    DJuice-Brawl stars9 天 前

    Totally balanced!

  • DirtIsCake
    DirtIsCake9 天 前

    Miss.... Ur dad is dead lol

  • Milton Arias
    Milton Arias9 天 前

    I dont know why but it disappoints me how little people know about the connection titanfall 2 has with apex

  • D-Rifter


    8 天 前

    I do :) (not saying I have played titanfall, I just know apex is basically titanfall 3)

  • prejanOnYt
    prejanOnYt9 天 前

    People who played Titanfall2 😪

  • ШРЕК
    ШРЕК9 天 前


  • iPamat
    iPamat9 天 前

    The quotes though, ea is really pushing cringe

  • Masif
    Masif9 天 前

    Please nerf here. I beg you

  • aola wili
    aola wili9 天 前

    Valkyrie:enter the apex Games Crypto:oh,i found my new drone

  • ricky shae
    ricky shae9 天 前

    valk finisher be like: nerf this buraohdsahsdo piwjd awd

  • Evolved Millenial
    Evolved Millenial9 天 前

    "True legends don't pick up Valk, they let others pick her..."

  • Saber Hg

    Saber Hg

    8 天 前

    @aola wili Pathfinder, Revenant, Loba, Horizon all have major vertical but we have very little horizontal

  • Evolved Millenial

    Evolved Millenial

    9 天 前

    @aola wili what do you mean by that?

  • aola wili

    aola wili

    9 天 前

    But we just got a horizontal mobility character.....

  • Mothx12
    Mothx129 天 前

    Yeah she's bad

  • Lim Jia Yi
    Lim Jia Yi9 天 前

    I dont play Apex, but even with that I know this legend is OP

  • Saber Hg

    Saber Hg

    8 天 前

    She isn't op. She is very balanced

  • Mothx12


    9 天 前

    She can't shoot while using her jetpack (that has limited fuel btw) making her a target. and apparently she can't use her ultimate while in revenants death totem. If you want easy high ground use Horizon because at least your teammates can use her tactical.

  • Ash
    Ash9 天 前


  • Martin Täschner
    Martin Täschner9 天 前

    The problem: UNABLE-TO-CONNECT. The solution: Warzone.

  • John Nopey

    John Nopey

    9 天 前


  • ratiago#8001
    ratiago#80019 天 前

    Hi, good night, I hope you answer me. I lost everything on my account. I don't use any tricks or anything. I'm level 207 and I don't have anything. Can you help me?

  • John Nopey

    John Nopey

    9 天 前

    It will come back. A lot of people are experiencing it. It's server load. Seems ok on my side today. Give it a few hours.


    Yall got me messed up all these years I grinded just to get all my tokens and crafting metals took number yall days 😒

  • Saber Hg

    Saber Hg

    8 天 前

    It happened to everyone

  • C.I.A Boi
    C.I.A Boi9 天 前

    I thought fuse was bad because he supports grenade spam nope

  • Kevin Rasya
    Kevin Rasya9 天 前

    ohh thats why her suit reminds me of her dad's titan

  • Brandon Ruffin
    Brandon Ruffin9 天 前

    i know that its out of line to say this to the creators of my 2 favorite games but my apex wont let me get valk

  • Brandon Ruffin

    Brandon Ruffin

    9 天 前

    ok nv it work now

  • Colin Durning
    Colin Durning10 天 前

    Game developers are so bad

  • Saber Hg

    Saber Hg

    8 天 前

    No u just dumb. You don't realize that game developers don't control the servers, they just code the game. Don't get mad at the developers. Get mad at the people who control the serverz

  • Jose Olivarra
    Jose Olivarra10 天 前

    Fix the game

  • Ron Yuma
    Ron Yuma10 天 前

    LGBT asian karen

  • Saber Hg

    Saber Hg

    8 天 前

    LGBT Let's get BT

  • John Nopey

    John Nopey

    9 天 前


  • ishkodé the poet
    ishkodé the poet10 天 前

    so she's a knock-off of pharah from overwatch ? got it

  • Zemist 11:11

    Zemist 11:11

    10 天 前

    Hey, remember when people called overwatch a tf2 rip off? Your being just as annoying

  • Domek TV
    Domek TV10 天 前

    those who have gone through Titanfall 2 know who the Viper is

  • Miguel Revo
    Miguel Revo10 天 前

    A alguien mas le está funcionando mal tras actualizar o solo es a mí? Primero me ponía que no encontraba ningún servidor y que no hacía matchmaking en la primera pantalla, después entró al menú del lobby y Aparece bien mi nombre de perfil en el juego pero no me salen las leyendas...aparecen inutilizadas las pestañas de arriba siguientes a la de club no puedo entrar a leyendas ni arsenal ni tienda..en la esquina de mis apex Coín y materiales de fabricación aparecen borradas mientras una barra sale como cargando... entré en una partida y me deja elegir las 4 primeras leyendas las demás aparecen con un entiendo nada

  • Goosey Boy Gavin
    Goosey Boy Gavin10 天 前

    But we just got a horizontal mobility character.....

  • Saber Hg

    Saber Hg

    8 天 前

    @John Nopey Do people not know the difference? We have very little horizontal movement

  • John Nopey

    John Nopey

    9 天 前


  • Que
    Que10 天 前

    So she’s pharaoh from overwatch okay

  • ShinWuPip
    ShinWuPip10 天 前

    pharah overwatch? but apex twist on her? :P ...

  • Carlos Adriel Delgado Guerrero
    Carlos Adriel Delgado Guerrero10 天 前

    apex I want my legends debuted and everything else

  • Reverb
    Reverb10 天 前