Who Is Stealthlord66? - Apex Legends / Nintendo Switch


Apex Legends is now on Switch and someone named Stealthlord66 is dominating everyone. Coincidence? x.ea.com/67416
No one can beat Stealthlord66. Where did they come from? How did they get so good?
It’s almost like they have some sort of secret weapon. Like they can play Apex Legends anywhere, all the time. But that’s impossible, right?
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Switch, PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin and Steam. Maybe you’ll become the next Stealthlord.
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  • EatMyBullet 935
    EatMyBullet 9352 天 前

    Fun fact: the Nintendo switch doesn't allow for a gamer tag to be more then 10 digits. Stealthlord66 wouldn't actually fit.

  • Got FortNUT
    Got FortNUT2 天 前

    xD stealth would be killed easily by aceu or itztimmy

  • The Pillowhead
    The Pillowhead3 天 前

    Plot twist: the girl in the car isn’t StealthLord66. StealthLord66 is actually a Titanfall 2 veteran.

  • Joseph Catarat
    Joseph Catarat4 天 前

    There's a thing called hacks you know

  • Fřūïţ ĺøöp
    Fřūïţ ĺøöp4 天 前

    Its funny seeing a switch player depicted as a master of apex but when you actually fight one it tells a whole different story

  • Bookie Selemoon
    Bookie Selemoon4 天 前

    i guess they never actually played on a switch lol

  • Phoenix Chee
    Phoenix Chee5 天 前

    Notice how no one aimed

  • Jay Ken D
    Jay Ken D5 天 前

    Stealthlord66 vs thelegend27 Who y'all got?

  • Alpha wolf
    Alpha wolf6 天 前

    Stealthlore66 more like faze lore

  • PikachuMemez
    PikachuMemez7 天 前

    Wait if she in a car there is no wifi oh no photoshop or the car has wifi who knows

  • Šimon Lukáš Bucek
    Šimon Lukáš Bucek7 天 前

    Stealthlord66: *exists* Zeus: _CONTENT ACQUIRED_

  • Robin Jankovic
    Robin Jankovic7 天 前

    Thelegend27: *Finally! A worthy opponent! Our battle will be LEGENDARY!*

  • david cherepanov
    david cherepanov8 天 前

    She just got a nice racing chair

  • WolfOfMen
    WolfOfMen8 天 前

    Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.

  • WolfOfMen


    7 天 前

    @Andrewnator_10 I understand, it would be nice even if it didn't highlight people. You know

  • Andrewnator_10


    8 天 前

    But crypto doesn’t need a buff or even a nerf he’s pretty balanced rn

  • MikoArtz !
    MikoArtz !8 天 前

    ok now we need stealthlord66 vs thelegend27

  • bruh
    bruh8 天 前

    The girl playing apex is taking lilterey watching zeus she's probably badd

  • Ramz D
    Ramz D9 天 前

    a worthy oppnonent for the legend 27


    All this just to advertise a Nintendoswitch version of the game

  • Mario Torres
    Mario Torres10 天 前

    Just a hacker lol 😂

  • Aryan Bright
    Aryan Bright10 天 前

    Now Steahlord66 is bounty

  • Mr Nabby
    Mr Nabby10 天 前

    Only one man doesn't care about stealthlord 66 "And I am your champion.Let's go Gamers".😂🤣😆

  • Kyriethegoat
    Kyriethegoat10 天 前

    for now apex before knowing who's stealthors try to ban tufi first

  • Śhäđøw 333
    Śhäđøw 33311 天 前

    Lol its now that i heard this guy

  • Yoshi Fan
    Yoshi Fan11 天 前

    I can't download on Switch because the storage is full. 😇😇😇

  • M. K.
    M. K.11 天 前

    He protecc He atacc But he has bad legend picc Octane is more for these nerve tearing guys

  • bryan park
    bryan park11 天 前

    Is this like the new legend 27?

  • LsXavec
    LsXavec11 天 前

    This scares me

  • Tafsir Hussain
    Tafsir Hussain12 天 前

    Legend27 vibes rn

  • James Sjogren
    James Sjogren12 天 前

    No offence but using Zeus’ skills just to make an add without his permission seem kinda mean from all the money u made off this he should get some

  • Chumba Wumba
    Chumba Wumba12 天 前

    Can u just pls fix the game instead

  • ApexLyrics
    ApexLyrics12 天 前

    Did ya know stealth lord is zeus

  • Uziel Ivan
    Uziel Ivan13 天 前

    Fix voizchat on switch!!!

  • disco ghost
    disco ghost13 天 前

    pickle rick

  • Henry Moje
    Henry Moje13 天 前

    Zeus actually made it to the official apex channel

  • COOLER Killmilk1
    COOLER Killmilk113 天 前

    Its zeus

  • Edwin Sargent
    Edwin Sargent14 天 前

    When you realize that the pathfinder who grappled isn't the same as the pathfinder who got finished. 😒😒😒😒😒

  • Nerdblock21
    Nerdblock2114 天 前

    The legend27 got an Apex account.

  • ibrahim kaled
    ibrahim kaled14 天 前

    he's tufi :)

  • EGG Daddy
    EGG Daddy14 天 前

    After play on the switch this is completely inaccurate.

  • TheNuggClub
    TheNuggClub14 天 前

    They know of TheLegend27

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy15 天 前


  • BA Venom
    BA Venom15 天 前


  • Isidro Yumang
    Isidro Yumang15 天 前


  • Molach Warden
    Molach Warden16 天 前

    Like how wraith's VA is in the video

  • Matias Greene
    Matias Greene16 天 前

    Bruh this is so cringe

  • Nate Pex
    Nate Pex16 天 前

    The last guy would have got her if only he wasn’t dog water and could aim he had a prowler

  • Andrewnator_10


    8 天 前

    Don’t say that about nicewigg :(

  • Kiren Avealalo
    Kiren Avealalo16 天 前

    That was nice

  • elijah fragoso
    elijah fragoso16 天 前

    for some reason i expected more....... i have never been more disapointed in my life

  • elijah fragoso

    elijah fragoso

    15 天 前

    @Aidan Cahill i.. i dont know.....

  • Aidan Cahill

    Aidan Cahill

    16 天 前

    In what aspects/what did you expect more of?

  • Kerozuki
    Kerozuki16 天 前

    Thelegend27 vs Stealthlord66 when?

  • Bob
    Bob17 天 前

    Hal just chilling

  • SPIKY :D
    SPIKY :D17 天 前

    I love apex community😂😂😂

  • TheUnwholesomeFox
    TheUnwholesomeFox17 天 前

    thelegend27: "finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary"

  • lil duckie
    lil duckie17 天 前

    “I heard he’s ex military” let me guess she googled it

  • TitMit
    TitMit17 天 前

    This is so cringe please never do this again

  • Nawaf - alharbi

    Nawaf - alharbi

    16 天 前

    Kinda agree

  • Deep voiced Kid
    Deep voiced Kid17 天 前

    Stealthlord66 is the new Legend27

  • r s
    r s17 天 前


  • Nawaf - alharbi

    Nawaf - alharbi

    16 天 前

    You’re not the only one who talks other languages تباً لك اذا كنت تحاول تترجم هذا الكلام بغوغل

  • Anat0ny
    Anat0ny17 天 前

    Only if we knew

  • TF4D 150
    TF4D 15017 天 前

    We all know that is Zeus lol!

  • Hayden Taylor
    Hayden Taylor17 天 前

    This is false; Joy-con drift would be too much of a problem

  • Ayaan Ghauce
    Ayaan Ghauce17 天 前

    As a former switch user I can say this is all cap. Ain't nobody winning anything with the 30fps and joystick drift.

  • vidgamenate
    vidgamenate17 天 前

    Stealthlord66 meets TheLegend27

  • 夜小
    夜小17 天 前

    Who is 66? I just know 簡体中文的名字 always fking cheater

  • 生ハムベームズ
    生ハムベームズ17 天 前


  • krieg kat
    krieg kat18 天 前


  • aRecl
    aRecl18 天 前

    Who is SoloTyfi?

  • Tachi
    Tachi18 天 前

    "Goodbye stealthlord!" *misses every shot* "Nooooooo"

  • Willybar543
    Willybar54318 天 前

    Best game

  • 陳振嘉
    陳振嘉18 天 前


  • Mr_egg_lord
    Mr_egg_lord18 天 前

    Isn't stealthlord66 Zeus?

  • Doop
    Doop18 天 前

    At 0:23 shes wearing the same outfit as valkrie

  • Rocey the catbg
    Rocey the catbg18 天 前

    1:04 thats smile really destroyed my nerves XD

  • polar bear
    polar bear18 天 前

    Imagine being so good at a video game a news station talk about you

  • xG_b1ob #Xt3rna1 Gam1ng
    xG_b1ob #Xt3rna1 Gam1ng18 天 前

    Isn’t stealth lord Zeus or Janks

  • Zyǐ Bésixdouze
    Zyǐ Bésixdouze18 天 前

    TheLegend27 all over again

  • Dagur Waifu
    Dagur Waifu19 天 前

    i don't even know who that guy is and when did he become a thing?

  • Cheikh bethio
    Cheikh bethio19 天 前

    I take my laptop to the bathroom and play games so its a play everywhere u go

  • 松前
    松前19 天 前


  • Ignas Pazera
    Ignas Pazera19 天 前

    naa i think evryone jest has bad aim

  • crazyjack 153
    crazyjack 15319 天 前

    X box buttons on screen play station controller🤔

  • Thot Police
    Thot Police19 天 前

    it's tufi

  • RoundSpice
    RoundSpice19 天 前

    I love this game but this is corny

  • Shad
    Shad19 天 前

    This is pure cringe

  • Arsonist
    Arsonist19 天 前

    Was that val? 0:25

  • stealthlord66
    stealthlord6619 天 前

    Hello i just came to say hi hope you all had fun being dominated

  • John Deere
    John Deere19 天 前

    I know who he is! A no lifer that does nothing but play video games 24/7

  • Ghastly280
    Ghastly28020 天 前

    Not zues its hiestia

  • nana rhm
    nana rhm20 天 前

    0:45 Shibuya Hal what are you doing here?!! XD

  • sleep deprived
    sleep deprived20 天 前

    Wait are they at worlds edge?

  • CitrusMcOrange
    CitrusMcOrange20 天 前

    Will this be the new “TheLegend27” meme

  • AieRip _
    AieRip _20 天 前

    Конечно же черный

  • Northstar Titan
    Northstar Titan20 天 前

    Girls can NOT be gamers

  • Northstar Titan

    Northstar Titan

    8 天 前

    @Andrewnator_10 I am not

  • Andrewnator_10


    8 天 前

    I hope your joking my guy

  • Delgermurun Tsagaankhuu
    Delgermurun Tsagaankhuu20 天 前

    jesus christ this is so cringe

  • Armando Portillo
    Armando Portillo20 天 前

    I wish it was that smooth on Nintendo switch it’s not it’s super duper laggy they have to fix it

  • H Re
    H Re20 天 前

    TheLegend27 transferred to apex legend on switch?

  • SlunkPLUS
    SlunkPLUS20 天 前


  • ApreZ
    ApreZ20 天 前

    Stealthlord66, the little sister of TheLegend27

  • Liam Nii-san
    Liam Nii-san20 天 前

    Literally the most scripted thing in the world

  • Mr Starman
    Mr Starman20 天 前

    Iv plade this on the switch and it fills so slow compared to ps4

  • Johnny Chen
    Johnny Chen20 天 前

    Auto aim switch edition

  • William Huynh
    William Huynh20 天 前

    Nice joke guys